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Recent posts by wang andrew

I can see clearly "passed" in there.
but why cann't I see any score in each section?
I just saw another guy got passed SCEA part2/3 and had all the detailed score info.
15 years ago
>>Why everyone says score between 60 and 70 only... Is it really that tough..

I guess you are talking about part1, it is indeed tough in that you need to concentrate on the test all the time and read as fast as you can and understand many scenario base questions.

By the way, I just received the package from Sun (which arived 4 day earlier I did not pick up)and confirmed that I got certified of JEE5.
Now I don't mind any more about the breakdown and total scores, maybe it is new policy that don't show you all these score after the part3 test , but I haven't never heard anyone about it from this board before.

my part2 assignment is the "Big Smoke Shop".
15 years ago
I have 2 class diagrams, one for domain and one for other(web and ejb tier), totally about 30 classes. I also provided one main sequence diagram for each use case as required, and one extra shared diagram. And exactly one component and one deployment diagram.
15 years ago
I used all JEE5 tech: JSF + EJB3 (session bean and MDB) + JPA.
pattern: front controller , service activator, DAO.
15 years ago
I went to to look at the result for Part2,3.

I clicked "History" and the Event then I just got the message:

Exam Series #: 310-062
Exam Name: (310-062) Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 - Essay Exam
Exam Date: 8/17/08
Grade: Passed

I couldn't find any link that shows detailed scored for each section and total score. anyone how can I get that info?
15 years ago
first I don't think Manufacturer will initiate a Jms message to client's system. To check the Manufacture's inventory, we need to send a jms message to Manufacture's jms server, and also create a temporary queue as a reponse queue, the response queue information could be contained in request message or "replyTo" header, then manufacturer's system could send the product availability into the response queue. we need to poll that temp queue to get reponse msg.
I think there are some tools which can download all the page linked by a url, till it reach certain level and some url restriction you set.

I personly use sunrise to download pages and tranfer into plucker for palm.
Congratulations guillermo! Do you plan to upgrade to Scea5?
here are some of my understandings:

"My application's inventory system keeps track of all the products", this is about the local inventory , which manages all the products in stock. so this local inventory is used for "check availability of products".

we will only need to send JMS order message to Manufacturer's inventory system when number of the product in local inventory reach below certain threshold, which could be done either manually through separate jsp or automatically through some daemon or other mechanism. I don't think manufacturer's system will send update message to client's system .
you can spawn a new thread from the main thread, and let the new child thread take care of invoking EJB.
I think you could use couple of fragments to indicate the significant branch in the business process, but not too many fragments to cover all the alternative path in too detail.
You will get email instruction and know exactly what to do after you've ordered the part2 voucher. Part2 and Part3 result will come out together after you'v finished part3.