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I'll repeat the same question I did during last JavaOne (for recors purposes): is it possible to use BDD in a non-agile environment?

9 years ago
Let me clarify something. Sometimes people do wrong thing just because they are unconscious that it's wrong. Someone can self-proclaim himself a software architect without having specific and necessary skills, experience or knowledge without being a necessarily a malevolent person. Sometimes people just make mistake.

But... I don't care too much about titles, maybe you Junilu also do not care, but a lot of people care. Most of people care. For a lot of possible reasons.

Maybe a person can think: "Oh my god, I've been called 'developer' for the last ten years. I need a new title." Why? A doctor is called doctor for the whole life and he is proud of it.

Maybe a person wish to feel more important or wish to earn more and thinks that the way is to change from developer to architect. It's not really necessary. Make your self a better developer, learn a new foreign language, learn a new programming language, keep up-to-date, there are lots of ways of become more important or earn more as a developer.

Finishing my point. It doesn't matter if you got your Skills-Experience-Knowledge about software architecture via an academic-formal way or a self-learning-empirical way. It's the same. It doesn't matter if you're called this or that by others. But, please, just stop a minute before call yourself a software architect and ask for yourself the question: Do I really have S-E-K about software architecture or are my S-E-K about software development?
9 years ago
Instead of advocating for my analogy, in which one I really believe correct I'll answer the original question of the topic.

No, a good architect should not be a good progammer because an architect doesn't need a previous experience as a programmer. Being an architect is not the resuming of an professional experience as a developer.

Can a developer become an architect? Of course! But, in my option, it's the same of a mason becomes an enginner (back to my analogy!), it's a totally new world, new duties, new demands, new artefacts as result of the work, it's a new view over the software development process, is everything new.
9 years ago

There's no cynicism in my question. There's criticism, a strong and deep criticism.

Answer your question: A senior developer doing what an architect do, is doing - for sure - architecture.

My problem is: doing architecture is not writting code. You cannot get a developer who knows a lot of software development and make him architect a software without knowing anything about software architecture. Development is one "science", architecture is another one. Each one demans different kind of knowledge.

I hope I explained myself despite my poor english :-)
9 years ago
A goog civil engineer should be a good mason? Of course I'm talking about the profession, not the secret society :-)
9 years ago

Why so many senior developers think that being a senior developer is enough for a self-proclaiming as software architect?
9 years ago
I have this feeling that while GoF's patterns were thought for atemporal problems, many patterns of Core J2EE Patterns were thought for EJB 2.x specific's problems.

Is my feeling a mistake?
Ok, I agree that is not a big problem post the results here, but I still think that it must be moved to the other forum after the deserved congratulations
Maybe we should do like in the EJB forum and post our exam results in the Sun Certification Results
I received twice!!!

I don't know why, but sure, if Sun made a mistake and sent twice, what can I do?
[ August 26, 2008: Message edited by: Paulo Rezende ]
I know that the Sun sent a T-shirt to who cleared SCJP until March 31th.

SCBCD is the next
15 years ago
Thanks to all who helped me!
15 years ago