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Recent posts by Vinayak Bhat

Nice that you bought Enthuware. Practice with it. Read Pro JPA 2 by Mike Keith and Merrick Schincariol. Go through JPA specs. that's important. Reading through past experiences of successful candidates helped me a bit.

JPA specs and the book should do for you. and Practice with Enthuware.
Wilkie Dzieki! ..... Big Thanks! ....Thanks a lot, guys... your help is very much appreciated.
9 years ago
Pleasure to inform everybody i have to cleared Java Persistence API Developer Certification. scored 79%. Not a great score like 90+ but i am satisfied.

Referred Prescribed book JPA 2 by Mike Keith and Merrick Schincariol.

followed Mikalai Zaikin's success note.

Thanks Mikalai for the valuable pointers you shared with us. Thanks a lot!

Practiced with Enthuware mock tests. Again a great software. worth every penny.

All JPA cert aspirant should follow above two sources. Thanks Paul for the support.

and all the fellow ranchers who have contributed to this great forum that helps all the aspirants reach their milestone... Thanks everybody.

Vinayak Bhat
9 years ago
I am attempting to clear 1Z0-898 Java Persistence API exam sometime in near future. and i haven't given OCPJBCD exam yet. Is it mandatory to give OCPJBCD before giving JPA exam? What's the difference? i will be attemption OCPJBCD after i clear JPA exam though afterwards.

I haven't been through the history of the forum checking if this has been answered before. So if anybody can point me the links, will appreciate it.


Lucas Smith wrote:I recon that EJB 3.1 by Andrew Lee Rubinger + EJB 3.1 spec + exam simulator is a powerful fusion.

Saw a lot of critic(-ive) reviews of the book in the amazon link given. Will appreciate some reviews about the book from ranchers in the forum.
I don't think the voucher are transferrable any more. These prometric people will book the voucher against the Unique ID proof and address proof. If you don't produce those document, you are not allowed to take the exam. So Stop looking for the voucher
Congrats on your success. And also thanks for providing such elaborate info. Enjoy! Have a blast!!
11 years ago
Hi Barbara,
Welcome to the Ranch!!
As for the SCJP,
study K&B book.
practice mock exam using Devaka Cooray's examlab
check out old posts, there have been some really good threads in the past.
Keep visiting this site. it's a great site.

11 years ago
Congrats Raef. Great to hear abt your inspirational story. I am taking the exam this weekend. and I am dead sure i ain't gonna get through the first time. But i am gonna go with all the guns blazing. Let's see Almighty willing i shall at least cross the fence.

Congrats' again. Cheers
Vinayak Bhat