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Recent posts by Alebald Baldino

I have cleared SCWCD with 79% score

I prepared from Head first 5 Times solved all Enthuware Exams and One Mock Exam from Headfirst. I took me around 6 Months to complete this certification. My Next Target ist IBM-SOA 669.
11 years ago
Hello friends,

Head First EJB, 1st Edition
by Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra

covers SCBCD 5 or is it old one. I mean if i read & prepare from this book than can somebody tell me how old is stuff as compares to new EJB 3 realease.
is it worth to read from this book or should i quit and look for other more updated books. ? Actually I want to prepare for SCBCD 5 and since I am big fan of Headfirst so I always check them in first priority.

Congrates on passing Exam.
To improve your skills in Collections use following book from Oreilly publisher.

Java Generics and Collections
By Maurice Naftalin, Philip Wadler
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12 years ago
Introduction the chapter of book.
They say: "A good strategy for taking the exam is to go through once and answer all the questions that come to you quickly. You can then go back and do the others. Answering one question might jog your memory for how to answer a previous one."

Thank God I followed this strategy without reading this in K&B . In my Exam in was also running out of time and had left only 1 hr. for 40 question. Then i was like jumping over the question which i did not undertand in first 10 seconds. and in the end i was left around 10 questions. but luckily i got 49 corrects out 60 attempted.
Next time i will make it sure that not to leave introduction chapter.

Mamdou All the very very best. My personal suggestion for you is don't tied up in big score but get good concepts. My boss knows that i am not bad in java so he never minded when i got only 45% score in Java fundamental section.
12 years ago
Yes I agree. For a real/good Architect EJBs knowlege is if not must but very helpful.

Thanks guys
Hi friends,

I need an advice from you. I recentyly clear SCJP 5.0 and now preparing for
SCWCD. My goal is SCEA and SOA Architect. Do i really required to go through SCBCD. There are lot of usefull thing in SCBCD but i have no chance to work on that to get real experience. Does it OK to go through this exam. I am currently working in WebLogic J2ee web application development and can use my SCJP and SCWCD skills. what i want to ask that will i miss something in future if i skip EJBs ??

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12 years ago
yes I a feel lack of experience in threads and generics but in Exam 75% time i spend on first 3 section. in First 130 minutes i finished only 33 questions.
12 years ago
So guys,
Now I can also make an announcment here. Today I passed SCJP 5.0 with 68% marks. Unfortunately Time was short for me as i was paying extra attention in every question so in the end left with 10 questions.
But Thanks to God it worked. Now I can look forward. I had not too much time for practicing test. I am so Glad.
Thanks to all of you and ofcourse K&B Team for such a great book

My score was

Declration Init. Scoping 91%
FlowControl 72%
API Contents 80%
Concurrency 50%
OO Concepts 70%
Collection 60%
Fundamentals 45%

I read only and only K&B book 3 4 times. till the last hour. Everything is so good explained in this book
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12 years ago
K&B SCJP 5.0 study guide. is famous book can be easily searched on Internet for correct ISBN number

Would you tell us that
1. how much prior experience do you have in Java or other programming field ?
2. how many mock / practice test you did before exam ?
3. which study material you follwed ?

I am also preparing for SCJP . I have completed K&B twice now going for 3rd time and concentrating only on Exam watch and Remembers. Although feeling trouble in String dealing APIs and Collections.

12 years ago
First do lot of mock test and check your experties to understand the question.
there are many mocks available for SCJP over the net. also in K&B and K.Mughal book. 50% score is absolutely insufficient and it is better if you extend your exam date a week or two. i am also going to appear in SCJP exam in 10 days.
if you make your concepts excellent, but are taking poor marks in mocks it means there is something you are missing. SCJP Exam is not all about to check your Concepts there are many other things which can be learn only by coding practice.
12 years ago

Would you explain about prior experience, i mean
1. Does one has to have very good understanding of EJBs or Web Tiers

2. Does specific framework helps like Struts or Spring etc. ?

3. How deep should one has to in Design and architecture.

Regards !
12 years ago