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Take a look at the links page. That should get you started.
Can you pls ellaborate a little?

Let's consider this case.

I have an xpath for a element as ns1:e1/ns2:e2/ns3:e4. So I use this path to parse this element. Now if the prefixes changed to nsp1, nsp2 and nsp3 for ns1, ns2 and ns3 respectively my code will not work since the actual path now is nsp1:e1/nsp2:e2/nsp3:e3.

Am I making sense or am i missing something here.

Thanks for your response.
Two applications use xml for data exchange. The xml's use namespaces and there is a possibility that the prefixes could be changed at times. How would you handle the parsing functionality especially if it mainly used xpath for searching nodes and getting values.

Thanks in advance.
I am using xml4j parser and I am trying to get all the namespace prefixes and their URI's defined in the xml document. is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.
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19 years ago
Whenever you have a abstract method in a class you have to declare it as abstract. So your class A defition look like this,

public abstract class A{
public abstract void a();

In that case the 'a' method is overriden in class B.

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19 years ago
In your very first post, you mentioned that you know JSP,Servlets,Java etc at a basic level, which probably means that you know how the syntax and you have the ability to understand a simple Servlet's or a JSP functionality's.
So, what you probably want to know now is how to put all these things together so as to actually build something from whatever you have learnt.
So, if my above understanding is correct, I would suggest a few ideas of how to go about it.
1) If you have any books on these technologies(like Java Server Programming), you will see that most of them will have a case study in the end, which demonstrate how to apply these technologies into a demo application.You can learn from this.
2) There is a very good case study,of how to use the technologies in J2EE on It's called "PetStore" and as the name suggests it is an online PetStore application.You can ignore EJB and Webservices that are also part of this application for the time being.
You can dowload everything related to this app and study how it was built.
3)Any webserver or Appserver that you are using or going to use will contain lots of examples which will give you valuble insight on the threads that become a part of a robust application.
You can also make use of these examples.
And most importantly,before you actually start coding, prepare a small design document which documents how you are going to go about developing this application.This way, you will know what functionality needs to be captured in which component.
Hope this helps,
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20 years ago

Originally posted by Sainudheen Mydeen:
Hi Neal Hanson
I think starting from August 2003 there is a change in Sun's policy. It says "Certifications no longer expire". Check here. Better you may ask sun whether you really need to go for another SCJP exam.

Thanks for this vital information.
There arent many free mock exam sites like we had for SCJP.
Check the links page for whatever is available.
I would be interested in knowing the response to your second question from those who have already taken the exam.

Originally posted by Billy Tsai:
so basically ejb-2_0-fr2-spec.pdf, Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) Specification 2.0 Final Release 2 is sufficient for the SCBCD exam and covers all the objectives right?

Yes.Check this link (thanks to Valentin) to know the EJB spec <-> Exam objectives mapping.
If you are saying that your SCJP is about to expire, then you are right. You must be an SCJP(any edition) while appearing for SCBCD.
Suggest you to take up the 1.4 upgrade and then take up SCBCD.If you have future plans for SCWCD as well, this will help since SCWCD too requires that you are an SCJP.
Just my $0.02.
Best Wishes,

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Originally posted by siju odeyemi:

Just wanted to say Hi, I've never spoken to a Java celebrity before!

WOW! There are some BIG fans here for the Cowgirl!
Just Kidding,
Another very good book which is often not discussed,because of its low awareness, is the SL-351 courseware that comes as part of the EJB training from SUN.
If any of your friends are doing this course, try to get the book from
them and go through it.It definitely gives you a good head start!
PerfAnal is a tool from Sun to check for performance,analzing CPU usage etc...
Check it out @,
Hope this helps,
20 years ago