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Congratulations !

I will do the upgrade exam in next week and I am studying about JSF and WS as you said. I am follow the same line of study.
I have five java certifications and always help me, in questions of salary and experience.
Congratulations !!!

Do you will do SCEA 5 upgrade now ?

I am looking for resources to do the exam(upgrade).
Dear Ray,

I did a document (.doc) and saved as HTML.
I put the UML diagrams in the same document, as iamges.
My project was accepted.
This book is usefull to learn how to use UML.
You should to find some J2EE diagrams, in books as J2EE Design Patterns.

The part 2 of exam isn't hard if you have some experience in projects using UML, J2EE and others technologies.

In part I of SCEA 2 you had to show principles knowledges of UML, and Legacy connectivity. I believe that still there are questions about these items in SCEA 5. But in part II, you must use UML to do the project.

I think that if you are studying to exam, you must know about all.

You can see the objectives of part I in: Sun site - SCEA
I think that you must use J2EE because you must to show your knowledges about EJB 2.1 (CMP, BMP, SFSB, SLSF), Design Patterns(Business Delegate, DAO, Service Locator) that are applied in J2EE. In the first version of exam, questions are diferent and have the focus in requirements.
I didn't use the SFSB in my project. I chose a architecture that divided the "control" task between the type of clients. I preferred to remove the load of session user control in application server and swing client machines.
I think that you need learn about EJB3, JPA, JSF, Servlet and JSP, and much more's easy !
But specially, you need have experience of project, because in SCEA exam, you will have that take decisions about design, security, scalability and others subjects that only your experience can to answer.

When I did the first exam, I had 6 years of experience in J2EE projects.

What version of SCEA did you do ?
14 years ago
Thanks for Congratulations !! for all !

Dear Ayub !

I used the following books:
- The J2EE Architect's Handbook, by Derek Ashmore
- Mastering EJB 2 - Ed Roman
- EJB Design Patterns
- J2EE Design Patterns
- UML Distilled - Martin Fowler
- SCEA for J2EE - Study Guide

I did the first exam on April, 2006. I finished the project of second part three months after. It were some revisions before delivered the final project.
In the end of december, 2007, I decided did the last revision.

In April, 15 I did the thirt exam and the result took 1 month.
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