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Recent posts by Pham Hoai Van

great to have Jboss AS 5 released
14 years ago
Well, just back from Prometric center and i got it at 98%.
Thank you all for the help & thank you Bert for a great HFSL 2nd.
See ya in SCBCD box
The question states that: "methods will be invoked on a session attribute"
And HttpSessionBindingListener is the only interface that an attribute can implement so C is obvious.
change your <body-content> to scriptless.
you need some javascript skill. Clear browsing history when reach logout page, user will have no chance to turn back.
JSP2.0 Section6.2.2 said that:
"A JSP document may or not have a <jsp:root> as its top element; <jsp:root>
was mandatory in JSP 1.2, but we expect most JSP documents in JSP 2.0 not to
use it."
[ June 21, 2008: Message edited by: Pham Hoai Van ]
think about the moment when jspInit is invoked.
Is there any request or response available at that time and what object are allowed to acess?
[ June 21, 2008: Message edited by: Pham Hoai Van ]
I got this question:
which three are true about the HttpServletRequestWrapper class:
A. The HttpServletRequestWrapper is an example of Decorator pattern
B. The HttpServletRequestWrapper can be used to extend the functionality of a servlet request
C. A subclass of HttpServletRequestWrapper can not modify the default behaviour of getReader method
D. An HttpServletRequestWrapper may be used only by a class implementing the javax.servlet.Filter interface
E. An HttpServletRequestWrapper can not be used on the request passed to the method RequestDispatcher.include method
F. An HttpServletRequestWrapper may modify header of a request within an object implementing the javax.servlet.Filter interface

The given correct answer is A B & F. But i think it should be A B & D. I digged into the API and source code of HttpServletRequestWrapper but found noway to modify header of a request. Any comment or guide, pls.
check your url-partern vs requested url. Do they match?
[ June 17, 2008: Message edited by: Pham Hoai Van ]
it's able to deploy a war file without any of web.xml, meta-inf or web-inf. So they're all not required for a succeful deployment.
[ June 17, 2008: Message edited by: Pham Hoai Van ]
I agree with Jan.
Declarative authorization is always checked first by the container before forwarding to servlet. 5 must be wrong!
when i did SCJP5, i got some feedback questions at the beginning. All those are non-exam related and a kind of survey.
Maybe it is similar to your 11 feedback questions.
i didn't get what you have. how comes?
here is my code:

and jsp:

when doStartTag return EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE i got the body content, but when return EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED i got nothing. exactly as HF's answer.
Further more, in case returning EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED where did the body content goes? i tried to log the bodyContent out but nothing there.

Any idea?
Q 69 page - 863:
i think the correct answer should be B because which role is specified in the xml is allowed to access the resource.

Q 26 page - 841
HF got another typo then . The correct answer should be C & E

Q 21 page - 838
and B is a correct answer because the spec said that deployed web app doesnt need to be equals to war file name although many containers did that.