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since May 23, 2008
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Recent posts by ravi moto

Hi all,

I have been working in Java technologies for over 4 yrs now, primarily in projects for financial services clients.Also, I have been working in somewhat latest tech. like Websphere Portals etc. in Java for last 2 yrs.

I have planned to move from current job in Mumbai to Hyderabad for personal reasons, and have got an offer from a product based firm that is well-known in Hyderabad.They deal with Payroll,employee benefits and HR processing etc.

However, What I want to know from you guys is the following:
a)Is it advisable for me to move from a services domain to a completely prodcuct-oriented domain, and what are the +/- factors?

b) How will be the growth prospects different from product vs services companies?

c)I get a hike of about 45% on my take home salary, I am offered a CTC of 7.5 in this firm, wanted to know if the offer is just average or a very good one, please let me know since I am not aware of the current market trend in Hyderabad.

d)Any other companies that have good people culture and pay more in Hyderabad, I would like to try for those as well..

Any advice/information in this regard is welcome.

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16 years ago