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Recent posts by Fernando Hood

I want to draw a vertical  line on the graph and make it move from left to fright depending on the arrow keys.

In this case I don't want to see the previous line. I want to see all that was painted before. Perhaps
a mouse click would be better and I simply show the details (x,y ) at that point.

Trying to  mimick 6:40 in this video.

1 year ago
I followed your code closely and I see the dots. My task now is to piggy back on your code to achieve my objective.

I saw that for you to draw the eclipse you did the following

To paint my empty graph as suggested below I need to create the g2 object from the buffered image then
use it to do the drawing? Should the casting part be doing so that scope of g2 is available to painting the empty graph?

I am slowing making progress thanks for you assistance.
1 year ago
I am learning but a lot of the stuff is not clearly explained. Many online examples lead you down the wrong path.
There is also a lot of stuff hidden behind the scenes that is not intuitive.
I see why many are flocking to simpler languages.I wll have crack at your code.
1 year ago
I am watching examples and trying to follow. I am now getting a black frame.

1 year ago
I am using the buffer method and now there is nothing on the frame.
Every example I look at seems to confuse me more as they constantly introduce other concepts.

1 year ago
How do I implement the "isopaque override" technique? This seems much easier than the other appoach.
1 year ago
I am currently at work. Will post the code when i get home.  I have jframe with panel which has number of components tables, buttons and guages.
The guages are update from data coming in the serial port.

I have button that when I click on it a real time graph should popup. The button opens a frame in which a panel is added.

The graph is drawn on the panel. A dot is drawn every second. I want to see all the dots not the last one.

When I remove the super.paintcomponent() i see all the previous dots. However, pieces of the calling frame shows on the graph panel.frame.
1 year ago
I created a JFRAME which has button which calls another frame.

In the paint component method of the panel. If I remove the super.paintcomponent()
my new panel show bits of info from the first frame. If I leave it in the problem goes away
but I only see the last point drawn. Any ideas?
1 year ago

I am getting there slowly. I now understand.

However this creates the table but I want to dynamically update the table so that
as the row is changed it will turn red.
12 years ago
Thanks but I am trying to understand what I need to do with this code.

Should I abandon the custom cell renderer subclass? Where should this method go?

JTable table = new JTable() {
This is confusing me. What is the code doing. You are creating a table and calling a method at the same time?
Netbeans already created the table .

My problem is that at the end of the scan through the table I am only seeing the last row pinted red.
as the index get incremented from 1 to 16 it is not shoing me the row corresponding to the index.It is as if it can only display the contents
after it get out of the routine and returns control to the main program.
The sample code I used is somehow able to show me each row in red as the indexd goes from 0 to 16.

12 years ago
I have written 8000 lines of asembly code and I am now stuck at a couple of lines of JAVA and no one can help.

12 years ago
This works but only if I do repaint on the frame.
It colors the rows one at a time every second.
However in netbeans I am only seeing the last result(last cell coloured).
I can't do a repaint on the frame I think in netbeans.
I am pretty close can some one nudgwe me to the finish line?

12 years ago
H ithere I am a java novice but would like to se a particular row in a one column table.
If I try to see rows red I only see the last change to red.

12 years ago
Is there any one on this forum with experience to solve this issue?
12 years ago
I have put everthing in the main class.



12 years ago