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Recent posts by Bhuvana Bala

Hi All,

I have uploaded a portal .
The server being the Tomacat ,JSP on Unix with Mysql database.
When I try to submit a page ,the page logs out to the logOut.jsp but the URL is directed.
But this is not the case all the time.
At times I am able to login.
The same code, works v.fine at the development server.
I went for a shared Hosting.
Pl. help me out in fixing the problem.
Thanx alot.Bye
22 years ago
hi Jamie,
Thanx for ur suggestions. I also tried the second method u have mentioned and closing pstmt never works.
The problem could be with the driver.
The same procedure works in the Mysql database.
thanx a lot.
Hi Dave,
Thanx. I cleared it.
In the same jsp I had include <jsp:include /flush="true"/>.
when I deleted the above line I was able to redirect to the next page,Thanx once Again,
22 years ago
hi All,
I am checking a particular condition and forwarding to a jsp page using forward tag in jsp.
It throws :Error Attempting to clear a buffer that has aready been flushed.
I also changed the sameusing sendRedirect("eeee.jsp").
It throws java.lang.IllegalStateException.Pl. hep .I am not able to proceed further.
Thanx in advance..
22 years ago
Hi all,
In the given code :
1. I fetch integer records from the database.
2. In the same method I am trying to access trying to update a record with the aboove obtained value.
I have a problem,
I am able to fetch records from the database.But the resultse doesnt move to the next record. The line before executeUpdate is printing where as the line after the executeUpdate() is not printingand it gives NO data Found Error. Pl. help,
public boolean updateOtherLawyers(String casebirthno, int status)
boolean check = false;
PreparedStatement pstmt = null;
PreparedStatement psup = null;
ResultSet rsup = null;
try {
psup =conn.prepareStatement(
"select [lawportal].[dbo].[caseflow].[CAF_lawid] from [lawportal].[dbo].[caseflow] where [lawportal].[dbo].[caseflow].[CAF_casebirthno]=? ");
psup.setString(1, casebirthno);

rsup = psup.executeQuery();
while ( {
pstmt =conn.prepareStatement("update [lawportal].[dbo].[caseflow] set [lawportal].[dbo].[caseflow].[CAF_lawstatus]=? where [lawportal].[dbo].[caseflow].[CAF_lawid]=? and [lawportal].[dbo].[caseflow].[CAF_casebirthno]=?);
pstmt.setInt(1, status);
pstmt.setInt(2, rsup.getInt(1));
pstmt.setString(3, casebirthno);

check = true;
} finally {

return check;
hi all,
I have initialises in server.xml of Tomcat as follows.
<Context path="/portal"
reloadable="true" >
I am not able to access the folders in the root folder portal.It accesss only the root mentioned. Pl. help
Thanks a Lot.
22 years ago
hi can u tell me the procedure ad the code to uplaod in Jsp.More Over I should upload only the pdf files. pl. help.I am stuck.
22 years ago

Originally posted by dip ch:
Use getTime() method of java.sql.Date to instantiate java.sql.Timestamp(long time).

Can u please be clear. I tried with it .But I dont get it.
Now I need to convert calendar. to Timestamp.
Calendar c1= Calendar.getInstance();
java.util.Date d= c1.getDate();
java.sql.Date dt=new java.sql.Date(d.getTime);
Now dt is the sql Date. I need java.sql.Timestamp format.Pl. help
pl. see

[This message has been edited by Bhuvana Bala (edited July 24, 2001).]
hi all,
Can anybody help me to convert to convert 12-JAN-2000 to timestamp.
If I declare the date variable as java.sql.Date with the above input I am not able to get the timestamp format
I have declare date as Datetime in SQL SERVER.
In java should I declare as java.sql.Date OR java.sql.Timestamp?
In either way pl. help me with the code.
thanx a lot.
Hi shiva,
Thanks a lot .It worked

Originally posted by Shiva Kumar:

1. java.sql.ResultSet RS = pstmt8.executeQuery();
3. if(
4. {
5. ***System.out.println(RS.getInt(1))// I get the output.
6. ***ht1.put("AC_userid", new Integer(RS.getInt(1)).toString());
7. ht1.put("AC_userlogin",RS.getString(2));
8. ht1.put("AC_password",RS.getString(3));
9. ht1.put("AC_accesstype",RS.getString(4));
10. }
11. RS.close();
After Getting First String from ResultSet, not possible to get the Same once again. You did that in Line No.5 and 6. Just Remove Line No.5 and Execute. It will work.
Another thing in Line 2. you just put suppose if your Query return more than One Row you will get the Loaded Hashtable
other wise also you will get null.