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Recent posts by Jay Abrahm

Not related but this post was really helpful. None of my transaction were getting rolled back even though I had used the @Transactional attribute. It seems I had missed the following two attributes in my configuration file

And I had to add the namespace in

10 years ago
Thanks Peter, this is a lot of useful information.

there is no excuse whatsoever to place a JAR file in Subversion

The developers(one team among many teams) have to share their version of the utility jar which provides interfaces. Once we have the utility jars working we have the final utility jar as a part of the bigger build process. Now that we discuss I think Nexus would have solved this problem in a cleaner way.

I don't think I need to track the size of the repository if I work on Nexus or the private cloud thingy. I like the private cloud option but the change is too big.

But I am kinda interested to know how you have designed this and the cloud provider that you have used. Do you have the details blogged somewhere ?

If your developers are loading JARs into subversion so that they will be available for their builds

This is the problem and I don't think we can prevent this. Pairs of developers work on a utility jar before they decide on the final utility jar and let Maven do the rest. My objective is to find a way to scratch out these temp jars within SVN.

Thanks for the help, I might just post the statvn results since most of the time, the users don't realize that they have so much temp information in there.

Just started taking a look at the tool.

I have an SVN repository where huge files are checked in.

Is there a way to; firstly, track the size of the current commit and secondly track the overall commit size for that user. Maybe the second can run offline and mark the user as barred from further commits.

Is this possible ?
I have fixed it, more of a hack. The issue is not with the server created but the EAR. When I copied over the Enterprise Application Project instead of creating a new one and adding the modules to this copied EAP it worked. This was because ibm-application-bnd.xmi was present and the admin console also showed All authenticated? checked.

This is a hack, is there a way to actually create a Enterprise Application Project and add the modules in and yet make the security work ?
11 years ago

I was setting up another profile in my local machine to mirror an existing WAS 6.1 server setting which has application security authenticating with LDAP. When I try to hit the application in the new server I get the following exception

SECJ0129E: Authorization failed for testUser while invoking GET on default_host:LDAPTestApp/, Authorization failed, Not granted any of the required roles: tst

I checked a couple of forums and noticed that I had to update
Enterprise Applications > LDAPTestApp > Security role to user/group mapping and check All authenticated? checkbox.

But I get an error message when I apply this change
"Exception thrown in RequiredModelMBean while trying to invoke operation setApplicationInfo null"

Also, I notice that my Enterprise Application Project does not have ibm-application-bnd.xmi. Is this an issue ?
11 years ago
Forget it, I fixed it but is there a better way...

.removeClass('ui-button ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all')
Is there a way to switch the jQuery button to use the default window's skin so that this button alone does not look different.

When I add the following links of code the jQuery button skin is applied.

I have a pop up confirmation jsp page where the user is asked to enter his name and confirm/cancel but once I hit the pop up I no longer can do a document.forms[0].submit() since the initial form is not available.

So what is the best practice ? Send the form to the pop up jsp (can this be done) or save the form in the session ?

I am having issues with Hibernate save. I wanted the newly created primary key so I had saved the object but it gives me a class cast exception. Persist works just fine.

Employee e = sessionFactory.getCurrentSession().save does not work
sessionFactory.getCurrentSession().persist works

java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Long incompatible with com.test.Employee
java.math.BigDecimal incompatible with com.test.Employee -- If I change it to BigDecimal

Oracle column - "ID" NUMBER(36 , 0) NOT NULL

@GeneratedValue(generator = "testKey")
@SequenceGenerator(name = "testKey", sequenceName = "ID_SEQ")
@Column(name = "ID")
private Long id;

Should I be using something other than Long
Here goes...
12 years ago
I am running the job using quartz. The intention is to trigger some service calls within the ear to do some plumbing tasks every hour.

I wasn't sure on how to pass the job parameters in my case but when I increased the time gap between the tasks and also removed the Thread sleep in the samples, it wasn't spitting out JobExecutionAlreadyRunningException.

And it now triggers the job properly
com.test.JobLauncherDetails executeInternal Quartz trigger firing with Spring Batch jobName=footballJob
com.test.JobLauncherDetails executeInternal Quartz trigger firing with Spring Batch jobName=footballJob
com.test.JobLauncherDetails executeInternal Quartz trigger firing with Spring Batch jobName=footballJob

But now I don't see any entries in the Spring batch table, it doesn't seem to hit the reader/writer classes even though it isn't throwing any exceptions.

One more question, I was able to trigger my batch using Quarts example @ Quartz example. I keep hearing that Spring Batch is the ideal way to do this but can someone explain why using Batch is a better bet than using quartz in my scenario.
12 years ago

Sam Mercs wrote:You need to pass in different parameters at start-up for the job to run.

Is there an example you could point me to or could you post a quick code snippet on what parameter needs to be passed. If it needs to be unique can I just pass the time in milliseconds ? Not sure how it can be done though ...
12 years ago
I think it has something to do with the primary key. It fails for all the tables where I don't have a sequence number generator and I manually enter the primary key.
I fixed this issue but it looks like a hack to me.. I used native SQL query to insert.

Hey Vijitha, To test the update I manually inserted the values into the database and then did an update. It worked, so basically sessionFactory.getCurrentSession().update works but sessionFactory.getCurrentSession().save throws a class cast exception.