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Recent posts by rajneesh saroj

Does SCJP lost its value?
If some one has SCJP5.0 certification then he is still certified?
Or he has to go for SCJP6.0?
Does organisations have value for SCJP5.0 or not?
hi to all the ranchers, I had done SCJP5.0(19th August 2008),SCWCD5.0(27th July 2009) Is it necessary for me to go for SCJP6.0 since it is the latest one??
If a person has done a certification and a newer version comes then is it necesarry to go for that version or he is still certified??

Hi Ranchers,
I am in confusion,please tell me that what will happen to those who have already cleared SCJP5 or6.If SCJP will retire then will there be any value of these SCJP5 or 6 Certification.?
First of all Thanks to God & then to all the Ranchers.
Today I have Cleared SCWCD5 exam.The question was not very difficult.I also thank to HFSJ book its areally nice book.I have read only this book not any other.But I think that performing practicals clear your concepts.
[SCWCD5 91%]
14 years ago
Thanks alot Rachna ,I was in confusion.If you know about some links for free mock exam please forward it to me Please.
Thank you
Hi Ranchers
Please tell me that which is the latest vesion of SCWCD exam and what is its code.I want to give the exam on this weekend please help me.
HI Ranchers,
I want to know the exam code of latest SCWCD1.5.
Is the code for latest SCWCD1.5 be (CX-310-083) OR (CX-310-085).
Please tell me and also send me some links of mock exams of the same.

Hi Ranchers

I am from Lucknow(U.P. ,India)
Please Tell me.How can I purchase Sun Voucher for SCWCD1.5 Exam within 1 week.I have searched it in all NIITs, Aptech institutes in Lucknow but they do not have Sun voucher currently.I am in immediate need Please help me if you know how to get voucher as quickly as possible.

Thanking You all

Hi Ranchers,
Please give me links for free as well as latest SCWCD1.5 Mock Exam which should be near to real exam.Is EnthuwareExam also freely available for practice ,if yes please send me link of that.If you have any suggestions for the Exam please tell me because I am going to take SCWCD1.5 Exam very soon.

Thank you.

Thanks for the helpful reply.
All The Best For Future.
15 years ago
hi Jitendra Jha

Congratulations not only because you have cleared the exam but also you have cleared it in such a short time of prepration.I cannot that you had just prepared for 15 day and got such a nice score. Please Tell me how have you read the whole HFSJ book in just 15 days with any previous knowledge of servlets & JSPs.Please give me some suggestions about reading the book and mock exams.

[SCJP 5.0]
15 years ago
Hi Ankit,

Thanks for the reply , so what is the importance of these certifications? I am a student B.tech(I.T.).
I am also preparing for SCWCD. Will it increase job oppertunity?
Hi everybody ,I am also a SCJP but please tell me about the benefits of being a SCJP in getting a job in some Multinational Organization in such a recession period?
Does it play any role in getting a job?

hi jan ter avest
First of all Congratulations.

What is Enthuware, Eclipse IDE to code the examples which you have metioned.
I do not know much about SCWCD except the book's name "HFSJ".Please tell me about mock exams also.I have just purchased HFSJ book.