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Originally posted by Rodrigo Cunha:

First of all, congratulations for getting such a great score!
About the epractice level of questions, did you find the exam questions more difficult than the epractice? Or would it be about the same? (regardless of the number of choices issue)


Hmm, good question. As said, the practice question had mostly only one valid answer and this was in many cases the only feasible answer. You could very easily guess the correct answer once you familiarized with the asking style. This was not the case in the real exam. In the real exam, most questions had more than one answer, which made this a lot harder. The 2 minutes per question is hardly enough time to read and fully understand the question.

That said and looking back I think the epractice was a good place to familiarize with the style of the questions in order to not be shocked in the real exam.

13 years ago
I am very happy today because I unexpectedly cleared the SCEA5 Part1 (the exam).

I've been working with J2EE for several years now (since 2002). Last year in August I startet learning a little bit for the old J2EE SCEA part 1. Then stopped because of the voucher expiration time in the very far future. In April 2008 I figured out that Sun upgraded the exam to JEE 5.0. So I used my voucher 2 months ago to schedule my exam appointment just before the voucher expired, which took place today.

What I did for preparation of this exam was the following:

- passed the SCBCD 5.0 (EJB3 beta exam) in 2006 so this gave me a very good clue about EJB3
- took the Sun ePractice exams last weekend and yesterday
- had a quick read yesterday on this:

This was pretty much it. I must admit that I did nearly not prepare at all because I bought the voucher during the 'one trial for free' promotion. Therefore I knew I would have a second chance.

The exam was very hard. You have roughly 2 minutes per question so you must answer quickly. I had 20 minutes left for the marked questions (about half the questions I had marked) but that time was running up very fast. My estimate when time was up was that I could have possible made it 50%. The more surprised was I about the 84%, very well distributed across all topics.

One side notice to the ePractice exam takers: There were a lot of questions with 2 or 3 choices in the real exam as opposed to mostly questions with one answer in the trial exam. So that was kind of misleading to me and I was really p***d in the exam because even the topics about let's say the most simple pattern like the singleton had 2 answers among 6, where at least 1 invalid answer was very close to being valid (so you must really carefully read even the obvious).

I think if you have some industry experience even if only theoretically and a good intuition what the target of the question is, then it's easy to pass.

I wish all other test takers good look!
13 years ago