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Recent posts by Maxim Markaitis

tomcat 9
windows 10
standard settings
port: 8080

maybe firewall settings?
i have a standard windows 10 firewall
1 year ago
Mattery 1.36
The game has been moved to the new domain:

New Skeleton hero for Undead race has been created.

But Mage now has became a unique hero for Human race.
New color for 8+ level heroes has been created.
NPC Lighning bug has been fixed.
New Item Wizard's Hat has been created.
I tried AdBrite and after bad result it has been removed.
10/06/05 the main page's PageRank has became 3 instead of previous 4.
Many minor and major bug fixings.
Speed optimization based on helping data structures for faster data access.
The button "SELL ALL UNEQUIPPED" has been added to SHOP.
The new spell available for a Wizard after 5th level Fireball has been created.
The new NPC - Skeletons & Vampires has been created
The source code size has been reached 243 KB.
12 years ago
1.35 bug fixing update has been released.
12 years ago

Bert Bates wrote:This is on the edge of being moved to the jobs forum, but we'll leave it for now...

12 years ago

Mattery is a free online strategy game that you can play right in your browser.

Tired of boring map adventures?
Mattery brings the action to the players by allowing them to quickly fight online against other players or computer controlled opponents.

by the top turn-based strategy games with RPG elements: Heroes of Might & Magic and Disciples.

Wanna join development team as a designer or coder?
12 years ago
Mattery 1.34 has been released!

The new images of all heroes has been created!
The dwarf image has been added to the main page.
The new very cool images of races has been added.
A new design of all the pages of the game has been created.
Random NPC has been created!
Mozilla optimization has been done.
New spell icons has been produced:
The backgrounds of a battle screen and My Team pages has been created.
The new item Sword 2 has been created.
The new spell available for a Mage after 5th level Mass Haste has been created.
12 years ago
Mattery 1.33 - online browser strategy rpg game
Thanks to Travis: all game text has been corrected into a good English.
The main page got today Google PageRank 4!
Dragon's multiple attacks per turn bug has been fixed.
Game crash on loss to dragon bug has been fixed.
Html of the main pages of the game has been cleaned.
The new design has been added to all main menu pages.

free online strategy game online computer turn based strategy games rpg browser strategy game

news rules screens players guestbook
12 years ago

Jonathan Storey wrote:Hey Maxim,

I have tried your game, its not bad at all. I admit that I only played until the first boss but I am impressed with what I saw. Are there any weapon 'power ups' that you can collect in game?

One slight negative - there did not appear to be much trying to shoot me when I was progressing through the level?

Good work, keep it up! (Gold star )

There are no power ups. Now i'm making another game. Do you want to take a part in development?
13 years ago
V 1.09 is out.

The News:
The new logo.
Search engine optimization.
About 60% game speed optimization.
The new cannons.

13 years ago
The next update:
Refactored images of heroes.
Different colors for different levels.
Bugs fixing.
Hit animation.
Archers hates dwarfs and dwarfs hates archers: +50% damage.
"Dragon never wins" bug is fixed.
Balance is changed: now mages and healers are more powerful.

13 years ago
Battery - browser based strategy-RPG.

Check it!
14 years ago
Peter Walser's Homepage with very powerful gfx applets.
14 years ago