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Recent posts by thomas rayan

hi friends,
iam a scjp1.5 qualified ,now i would like to appear for scwcd5 ,so can you please tell me which book i can study to get a good score and knowledge,
i have heard about head first for jsp and servlet , have they released the book for scwcd5 . And also tell me , which version of jsp and servlet are there for the exam..

hi all ,
i have studied EJB 2.0, head first Ejb,
so which version i have to write.. does this version exist for writting exam..

please tell me..
thanks friends for your valuable reply..

Originally posted by Nimrod Hunter:
Hi Thomas,

SCBCD 1.3 is obsolete so you'll have to take the SCBCD 5 instead!!

Here is a link for a few questions :

You can try the enthuware demo version by downloading it. It has 30 questions approximately. You'll pobably come to know how good you are for the real exam. Enthuware is here :

hi congrats,

could you please send me the notes of MZ , since iam also preparing for SCBC 2.0 , so if you have notes of MZ please forward to my mail id
hi friends ,
iam very new to this forum , i want an information regarding BUSINESS COMPONENT EXAM, iam interested in doing the exam , so can YOU please give me some link , where i can test my knowledge on scbdc , freely without cost..