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Recent posts by Ragu Sivaraman

Hello All
I am reading news that the Architect Certification is gonna change soon (Spring 2003) or so and if any one takes the current Part I
They may have to re-take it again since the syllabus are gonna change as well
This makes me to think , that if it is even worth to start preparing for Architect certification now or divert to Web Component or something else
Re-doing is a pain , I want to avoid is as much as possible
Gurus please help me
Check your lookup name carefully
If it is not available you may get a namenot found exception
[ December 22, 2002: Message edited by: Ragu Sivaraman ]
21 years ago
They are stateless protocol
I believe in HTTP 1.1 have the persistent option
Weblogic 6.1 sp2..
A strange situation. Whenever a transaction timesout, weblogic marks it as timeout , but it never deallocates the resources that the dead transaction is witholding. This is causing serious performance and resource problem, in other words there are many many zombie threads being blocked and holding this connection
How to solve this issue?
Does ejb container deallocates the resources, once it sees a transaction is timeout.
Any body please help me
21 years ago
Many IDE's provide plug-in for WLS. But they all seems to have problems when used with WLS (Ex: JBuilder 6 (weblogic_sp.jar not found error, i dont even see this jar anymore in sp2)

JDeveloper (When deploying some xml encoding issues which WLS dont like and it throws exception)
Can you please tell me an ide which works well with WLS 6.1?
Resin EE edition
Have fun
I guess i should have phrased it better.
What i meant was, Having two containers would make RMI to communicate which can be expensive compared to having them deployed on a same container to make use of intra-jvm calls (call by reference EJB 1.1 in wls) or local interfaces EJB2.0
Having said that , are there any other issues that may be very well be taken into consideration to use a single container instead of multiple containers?
Please share your thoughts..
What are the disadvantages of communicating an EJB(SSB)from one WLS instance to another EJB living on a different WLS instance (inter JVM communication)
Apart from painful RMI, are there any other disadvantages?
Please post your thoughts
Any used Velocity before?
Please share your experience.
Compare Struts and Velocity.
I know one is framework and other is template engine... But as far as development goes, which was more easier and rapid to use in a web development?

Any comments will be appreciated
22 years ago
Forte for Java 3.0 crashes my windows XP.
Are there any ide's that support XP?
Can some one point where i can learn about JSTL?
Also please help me to point in the write direction on how to use JSTL on a struts framework?
Any whitepapers, discussion board, docs, sample will
be very very helpful for this greenhorn
Gurus please show me some guidence
22 years ago
Thank you all for a quick and precise reply
This forum really rocks!!!
Now coming back to my question
I actually went thru that path of using DB tags before posting this question
In my case , I am not using JSP to access database. Servlets does most of the work. I wrote an jdbc utility(seperating presentation logic from data accesslogic) and the servlet just utilize it to get the result set..
Once it gets the resultset, the servlet puts the result set on to its httpsession object and do a
RequestDispatcher (ie forwards the http request) to
a jsp (Results.jsp)
Here is where i am lost..
<sql:resultSet id="resultset" class="java.sql.ResultSet" scope = "session">
<td><sql:getColumn position="1"/></td>
<td><sql:getColumn position="2"/></td>
<td><sql:getColumn position="3"/>
<sql:wasNull>The Resultset are null</sql:wasNull></td>

Every time i run this JSP i get "The resultset are null". This may be true just due to fact that i dont have any connection to the database at all from the jsp.
So i have to find out an alternative to just iterate the resultset and display it out in a table
format. To do this , are there any iterator tagslib
i can make use of?
Can struts help me to do it? If not are there any samples i can see to learn how its done?

Please let me know
thanks again
I may be missing something here. Gurus please guide me
[ May 08, 2002: Message edited by: Ragu Sivaraman ]
22 years ago
I am not sure if this question were posted
If yes please refer me to the URL
Here is the question
I have a resultset from database, I am forwarding this resultset from a servlet to a jsp to display it
Are there any taglibs i can use to help display the results in a table format
Please help me
22 years ago
Ranchers ..
I need some clarfications. Is the Part I test is just like current SCJP2? (Multiple choice test.. with number of choice given to choose?)
How difficult is it to Pass Part I?

Please help me