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Recent posts by Santhi Bharath

Where you have saved your tag file is crucial factor. send us your web application directory structure
ooh..those are quite useful links to get started off

Stefan Taranu wrote:Guys,
According to the JAVA API:

the ServletContext object can be obtained only from ServletConfig interface. So ONLY E is correct.

Hi Stefan,
You are referring to SRV 2.2 specs. From SRV 2.3 they have added a method getServletContext() in javax.servlet.http.HttpSession class

So, both C and E should be right answers

But what is path info?

let suppose

/catalog -- context of web application
/servlet/* -- is the servlet path mentioned in DD

then for a request /catalog/servlet/pathinfo.html

pathinfo.html -- pathinfo
I have just completed SCWCD. Now, I am contemplating on SCDJWS. Anybody have suggestions on how to start off and with which book or material...

[A] When the user clicks on a hyperlink displayed by Test

[B] the user clicks on the submit button of a form defined as: <form action="/servlet/TestServlet" method="POST">

[C] For both option 1 and option 2.

Which is true and why ?

Oprion 'B' is correct. Because it only causes to access the resource that is restricted

nisha chidella wrote:i am reading the 6th chapter in HFSJ..i could not understand how the web container actually does the HttpSession object migration from one VM to another if it is not required to use serialization. how does it do and is it vendor specific ?

have a look at SRV 2.4 7.7 chapter .Here you have more information reagring session migration .....Its Container specific.

Duran Harris wrote:Can someone please explain the difference between getQueryString() and getAttribute("javax.servlet.forward.query_string")...

Duran Harris wrote:Can someone please explain the difference between getQueryString() and getAttribute("javax.servlet.forward.query_string")...

If I am correct there are five request attributes to get information about the path

-- javax.servlet.forward.context_path or javax.servlet.include.context_path
-- javax.servlet.forward.servlet_path or javax.servlet.include.servlet_path
-- javax.servlet.forward.path_info or javax.servlet.include.path_info
-- javax.servlet.forward.request_uri or javax.servlet.include.request_uri
-- javax.servlet.forward.query_string or javax.servlet.include.query_string

for both include and forward

But the difference is if you forward the request these attributes has to be set according to new path. If it is include request these values has to be original reqeust values

getQueryString() -- always gives you the current quesry string .

Ulf Dittmer wrote:What I meant is: you should tell the author about this, so it can be fixed. I doubt that he checks this forum in search of error reports.

My main motto is to let everybody known with that mistake. Because most of the aspirants are using that material. May I know how to contact and inform Ashok?

Charles Lyons wrote:Congratulations on a great score, and glad you found my book useful; thanks for the mention!

Really charles your book is a wonderful book. I think its the only source which covered entire scope of exam.
14 years ago

Elton Kuzniewski wrote:between:

<jsp:directive.include file="/path"/> --- doesn't exists

<jsp:directive.include page="/path"/> ---- fine

<jsp.include file="/path"/> --- doesn't exists

<jsp.include page="/path"/> --- doesn't exists (it should be <jsp:include... not ><jsp.include ... )

<%@include file="/path"/> --- fine

<%@include page="/path"/> --- doesnt exists

What of them exists and what not? What every ones really make?

But, You can test these on your own. These type of questions are not encouraged to ask because these can be tested on your own. Finally please mention the source of the question if it is a question from a mock exam. >
Hi Ulf,

I have found that error just before the exam while revising the API. After the exam I have checked thrice regarding the same. I too have checked the API and ashok's API reference just before posting. I am sure about it.
Hi Folks,

Ashok's API reference is very good work done by Ashok to understand the desing.Anyways, I have found a mistake in Ashok's notes. The mistake is

But I have checked in API. doFilter method of javax.servlet.FilterChain has folloeing signature

Hi Ranchers,

Thank you for such a wonderful forum to the owners. I have cleared SCJP and SCWCD with stellar help from the forum.

SCWCD 5.0 is bit different exam from 1.4 version . 1.4 is based on testing theoretical concepts but 5.0 is questions based on candidates practical sense. Anyways My preparation saga for last 3 months went like this.

1) HFSJ 2nd edition(fun reading) -- 3-4 times to assimilate the concepts
2) Charles Lyons book(Very Good Book) -- some concepts (JSP DOcumnet)
3) Servlets 2.4 spec -- 2-3 times
4) Peabody's patterns notes
5) Ashok kumar babu's API reference
6) Servlets and JSP API

Folks, All the best for your SCWCD and congrats who have cleared.
14 years ago
Hi fahd,

I will definitely let you know once I have decided. And please let me know your contemplations. we will discuss furthur.Here are my consideration....

SCBCD -- not much attracted
SCDJWS -- may not be in high demand ...but attracting concepts
SCEA -- a lot of time there to become an architect
certifications on any server like Weblogic , Websphere or any thing else...good option to be in demand in market.....but not interested now.