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You can even use a property file and extract the formula from it.
12 years ago


I guess you are new to DML sql statements. Here you go this should work. you cannot reassign something like above.

Query is wrong. You should use all the selected columns in the group by operation to get the result. For better understanding whether the query is working or not, please run the query in DB then try to implement it in JSP.
The compareTo method of the Comparable interface. Implementing Comparable allows calling Collections.sort. It is always costly process in java to sort. It is usually much preferred to let the database perform the sort using the ORDER BY clause, rather than in code.
12 years ago
"NOT EXISTS" is the operator you have to use it in where clause to check for duplicates.
12 years ago
I don't understand what is the action you want to submit after main1.jsp being validated. So there should be one more action mapping in config.xml to validate main1.jsp
12 years ago

I was still hoping to be answered by someone. Untill then what you have come up is right.
12 years ago
Well sorry dude, some one with that expertise should help you not me.

But still if you are out of options it is very easy to implement, what i said.
12 years ago
Hi Formenton,
Are you trying to generate client / trying to generate to utilize the service?

If you are trying to generate client:
Right click on WSDL -> Webservices -> Generate Client

Right click on WSDL -> Webservices -> Generate Java Bean Skeleton

12 years ago
You can implement in number of ways, i have used JSTL tags "c.tld", you can iterate ir over foreach loop.

12 years ago
I guess i was late in replying.
Yes you are right. No need to implement the interface as you can directly access it. I dont know the other method and its related declarations in interface which are useful for other classes. If you only have enum inside that interface then you can implement as below.


Test Class:

But interfaces has better definition in larger implementations than just small implementation. I have found a good explanation, have a look at it.

Why do we NEED interfaces? Well we probably don't NEED them but they do come in ever so helpful.

At a very basic level they allow us to specify a features of a class. For example if a class implements Comparable than I know that it has the compareTo() method. I also know that this object is compatible with various methods that use the compareTo() method. For example if I make a List that is Comparable then I can use Collections.sort() to sort my list.

They also allow for abstraction. I may want to implement an algorithm that searches a string for a particular word. Now I COULD just have the argument be a String -- but since strings are an immutable class they are not always the best place to store textual data (especially while it is being processed) so if I step back and make take an argument of CharSequence then I now know that I can pass in Strings or CharBuffer, or StringBuffer -- So my method is now more abstract and more useful.

Interfaces let us decouple the implementation from the interface. This has solved a great number of problems dealing with versions. Allowing newer code to plugin to older code without having to recompile the whole project.

In Java you can only have one parent class -- but you can implement many interfaces. That means that I can create a class that is Compareable, Serializable, CharSequence, DataInput, And DataOutput. Meaning that I created a string that can be both written to (DataOutput) and read From (DataInput), I can make comparisons and I can serialize it (for persistance or to transmit over a communications channel). I can do all of this and have still derive the class from any base class I want.

Interfaces allow me to abstract objects so that I can have a collection of say Animals without careing what kind of Animals are in the collection.

Interfaces for the key to many design patterns.
Interfaces are key to most application frameworks.
Interfaces increase abstraction allowing us to make more and more generalized designs (and thus fancy application frameworks).

12 years ago
Hi Kacee,
I am not a techie guy, but thought this would be helpful. I would rather not use interface int his kind of scenario but, it it is there then will use it as mentioned below


Test Class:

Hope this helps.
12 years ago
Added to the above reply, I guess following topic will give you more info.

Null Check
12 years ago
The web service is a generated client with no WSDL and it is in a standalone java project (AA suppose). And the web project (B) is calling the web service through the java project.

Few more interesting point are,

1. when I load other java projects (C, D) to my local server which are referring to the same AA for the same client call they are not working and throwing same error as web project B is also deployed in my local server (WebSphere 6.1). And when i uninstall web project "B" from server. And try to verify the service client calls for C, D it works good.

May be there is some configuration change i need to identify for Web project B that will make my client calls work.

2. I have verified the logs and compared mine with my colleagues which is working, and found that just before we invoke the service call there is a handler WSDDJAXRPCHandlerInfoChain that is not invoked in my machine. And it over rides my machine url as end point (Mentioned in the error above as faultActor)

Hope this will help, in getting some responses.
13 years ago
Thank you William Brogden, William Barnes, Shashank Ag, Naren Chivukula.

The problem is that all my other colleagues are using QA provider URL and i am using DEV provider URL. And the URL is part of a property file. I have overlook this part. But finally when i was looking into your replies i though the best way to first verify whether the end point is working or not through SoapUI.

Thank you for the help.

But can you please help me with one more issue. with Post naming

404 Error - Client request call

13 years ago