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Recent posts by Antonio Tercero

which means no role can access the resource specified, takes precedence over
I think you should ask Sun Miscrosystems as soon as possible to resolve this problem.
Simple tags DON'T support JSP body content
I think you should prepare first SCWCD and then SCBCD
If it's a bean property, it will throw an exception.
If it's a map, it will print nothing
I didn't say that yield() and sleep() methods are the same.
If you want the current running thread leave the running state and let other threads execute, use sleep() method instead of yield() because
yield() method can have no effect.
yield() causes the currently executing thread object to temporarily pause and allow other threads with the same to execute.
But yield() method is also dependent on the process scheduling algorithm of the OS, so , in other words, don�t try to use yield() and use sleep() method instead.
Preparing for scbcd exam with only one book is not enough. If you want to learn all main concepts about EJB's, I recommend you the following book:
EJB Developer Guide by Michael Sikora (254 pages).
It contains lots of examples and it's easy to read.
Note: that book is not enough to prepare for SCBCD and you will have to read the specifications in order to learn more about all the objectives.
You should read Design patterns chapter from HFSJ: it's very well explained. Design patterns are very important for the exam and are widely used in developing web-based projects.
I think the answer is wrong because a Simple Tag can define a tagdependent body too
I recommend you to prepare first SCWCD 5 and then SCBCD 5
I can suggest you the following link from javaranch scbcd links
where you can find information about exam objectives, books, mock exams, etc ..