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Recent posts by Amit Punjwani

ok! Even I got the same problem
i'm using
Java 2 Enterprise Edition version 1.3.1, build 1.3.1-b17
and J2SE 1.4 on WIN-XP Pro.
I took kathy's suggestion of changing the method name and it works just fine!
Thanks Kathy for clearing it out.... least I'll have a good nite sleep now!
Hi guys,
Im have a small problem with the following code. When i run the following code, i get the error javax.servlet.ServletException "Cursor not in ResultSet Proximity
If anyone could help me with this it would be of great help
This is my code
<%@page language="java" import=" java.sql.*; "%>
<%Connection con; Statement st=null;%>
<P> Opportunities<Table Border=1 CellPadding=0 Cellspacing=0>
<TD> Last </TD>
<TD> First </TD>
<TD> Phone </TD>
st=con.createStatement();ResultSet columns=st.executeQuery("Select LAST,FIRST,PHONE from ContactTest");
String Last = columns.getString ("LAST");
String First = columns.getString ("FIRST");
String Phone = columns.getString ("PHONE");
<TD> <%= Last %> </TD>
<TD> <%= First %> </TD>
<TD> <%= Phone %> </TD>
21 years ago
Dear Friends..
I have got IBM Visual Age 3.5 Enterprise Editon installed.. and i want to
use for testing out the EntityBeans i am making..
we are using Oracle Database.
I have added the EJB Feature in my default workbench..
and now from the from the menu's
Window->Options.. am getting a screen where i can set the WorkSpace
classpath (for resources).. there i am giving the path from where it can
find the OracleDriver.. am using oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver now from
the menu i am selecting..
Workspace->Tools->Websphere Test Enviornment..
it opens a window..from where i can start a Persistent Name Server after
specifying the driver name and username and pwd for connecting to the
when i click the button Start Server..
it gives me Exception message Box saying that the specified driver ie
oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver..was not found..
The problem is i am not able to connect to the Oracle Database
Is there any other settings required for that..
if so please tell me..

Hi everyone,
I am working on a project on JSP/Servlets with Oracle as the database. I have a field Custoner ID (char)(10)(PK) in the Customer table of the database. so now for e.g if the value is C001 there are 6 white spaces along with C001.
So when i try to search the value C001 in SQL query,
for e.g "select * from Customers where CustID = 'C0001'"
But I do not receive any records matching with C001, coz in the database there is C001 and 6 white spaces
Lemme know what is the solution to this..
Thanx in adv....

Well I am in the beginning stage of our project on JSP, we want to find out te best solution possible, our existing applictions are on Lotus notes. We want to use Tomcat as the JSP container. So i just wanted to know whether Tomcat can be configured with Domino web server. I would like to know the steps involved i.e if it can be done.
thanx in advance. All comments wold be appreciated.
21 years ago
Hi guys,
thanx for u're replies.
but see i am using beans with session scope to store my data at the session .
so is it ok if I do somethin like this
<jsp:useBean id="Perfumes" class="Perfume.Perf" scope="session"/>
if(Perfumes == null) {
thanx in adv
22 years ago
Hi kavita,
I tried out the code without openin the dbconnection and openin the recordsets. It worked fine didnt give me any exception. My guess would be close result set object i.e rs just before/after u redirect to the new url. rest of code looks fine.
Just try it out not sure.

22 years ago
I am working on a project on JSP. I am actually working on a normal catalogue display site wherein i am gettin the details of the products from the database and putting them in sessions.

My problem is when the session expires after 30 minutes i.e. in Tomcat, I want the user to be redirected to the main page of the site since the session had expired. At present I have an error page which just displays the message of the error . So it displays null. But the user wouldn't understand that. So I just want to know what do i need to do inorder to redirect the user to the main page of the site instead of displaying him the errorpage.
Thanx in advance,
22 years ago
how can i send mail with JAVAMAIL API through intranet.
I have written program in JSP to send mails with JAVAMAIL API , This application works fine when i use on my personal PC at my home, but when i am using this application in intranet of my company then its giving Exception ( Send Mail Exception). Our company uses a proxy server as the default gateway. I think the problem is with security permissions. Kindly help me in solving this problem.
Thanx in adv
22 years ago
Hi Guys,
I want to know how do I run Jsp files on Apache web server? What are the configuration files?. I have installed both Apache web server1.3.14 and Jserv1.2? What are the changes to be made?
Thanx in advance.
22 years ago
Thanx Archana,
I guess it becomes a little easy when u have a little info before u start something new. There is very little info available in Mumbai regarding SCJD. There are very few who want to do SCJD after SCJP.
The dallas SCJD study group seems interesting. But first things first, I have to get the assignment downloaded from SUN and then start working on it. I have already done RMI, Sockets but I am not too comfortable with Swing.
Thanx a lot for your info....

Hi Vidya,
The next step is SCJD, but I am still thinking how do go about it.
Anyways, All the best for your future java endeavours
Thanx a lot guys
regarding Khalid's book u could get it at any leading computer book shop and if u stay in Mumbai u could get it from Computer Book Shop, Fort.

Hi Guys ,
This is my first time at the SCJD forum. I have just cleared SCJP today. I guess the next step is SCJD. i just wanted to know how do I go about it? What is the assignment exactly? How do I prepare?
Can someone answer my questions.
Thanx in adv