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I have two tables like below. First one is a general parameter table. Second table is the server data table.

SERVER.PLATFORM column references PARAMETER.VALUE column, only for PARAMETER.CODE = 'PLATFORM'. Is there a way to implement Filter on a ManyToOne relation? Is there a way to make this work for example:

Thanks in advance.
Hello everyone,

Im trying to implement this functionality in my project. If there is a conventional method to accomplish this can you please point me to the right direction?

There is a WSDL file with multiple service definitions.

1- Read the file for service names and display them in a list.
2- When user selects service from list, load the service input definitions as inputfields on JSF page.
3- User fills the input fields and calls the service with a JSF button.

I will NOT be knowing the service definitions before runtime because the WSDL definition file will be changing over time, so everything should be DYNAMIC.

PS: As you can see JSF here is irrelevant, i just need the dynamic input field generation logic. It could be some other interface.

Thank you already.
9 years ago
What if i want it to be singleton? how do i reset the error list?
14 years ago