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Recent posts by Suresh Bansal

I see many thread in the group 'Agile and Other Processes' related to PMP exam. It would be good to include the words PMP either in the group name, or its description.
15 years ago
Both should be very similar. I have passed PMP but i am not aware of the exam contents for prince 2, as both are project management exams. You can visit for more information. PMP basically details out a set a processes which must be followed for an succesfull project execution.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.
To appear for PMP exam, you must have 4500 hours of PM experience. Therefore you would not be eligible for the exam.
The next logical step from being a developer would be a team lead / tech lead.
Hello Friends,

I have a column of type 'OLE Object' in access db.

I am trying to store / retrieve binary objects (word document), into this column using jdbc (jdbc dbc bridge)

has any body done some thing like this ?

You are right, there is no prerequisite for this exam.

You can find the exam objectives at -

best wishes for your prepration.
There was a post on this group some time back, about - we can read this book online on the net.
Does anyone know the details ?
I am curious too ...
I suppose every body would be taking the exam towards the end ...
Too much to read ...
I got my certificate, lapel pin etc...
But i have received my score sheet.
Does it come as postal mail or email ?
You can try NIIT, on MG Road ...
I gave one exam there ...
I have always found java ranch as a great resource ...
Has any body come up with notes or mock questions on the exam ...
May be, i am asking for too much ...
[ April 26, 2004: Message edited by: Suresh Bansal ]
Hello Friends,
I have installed Java Web Services Developers Pack 1.3.
Then i downloaded Axis 1.1, copied axis directory to Tomcat's webapps directroy.
It is not working. I tried copying the two jar files to tomcats common directory, and restarted the server.
The strange thing is, that the same thing is working with axis beta 1 (ver old version).
Did any body face this ?
I have not installed jdk seprately, it is the one which came with web services dev pack.
I am getting /axis, the requested resource is not available.
18 years ago
I don't think so.
But its good to start for part 2, soon after you finish part 1. As part 1 knowledge is required for part 2 and if you put more than a few months gap, then you might have to put more effort for part 2.
You will have to wait for the exam to come out. And you will know all the details when the exam comes out.
The beta for this exam is just over. Sorry, you missed it.