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Recent posts by Nrapendra Sharma


I have map a s:file tag with a object in a list, generally s:file is mapped to Action class but in our case we have to attach multiple file to object which is in a List in Action class.
Action class is like this:

Following is the jsp code:

If we place s:file tag out side iterator and put the file, filename, contentType attributes at action class then its working fine but
when we place s:file tag inside iterator and put file, filename, contentType attributes at class data level then we are not getting any data when form is submitted.

Could someone please help how can we do this, its our requirement to put the file attributes at class data level. as there can be any number of objects of data in Action class and user can upload any number of files on data level.

Thanks in advance
11 years ago
I want to have automatic linebreak after 50 characters inside a InputTextarea
I tried using "cols" but it sets the width i guess.

How can i implement it ??
13 years ago
I want to have multiple submit buttons in a form and each submit button has different action.
I have used DispatchAction having multiple methods and configured them in stuts-config.xml using parameters.
Now how can i trigger these methods from a form ?
I cannot use javascript

14 years ago
I want to know it when form is submitted. At server side.
14 years ago
I am using struts and velocity for UI.
There are dynamic radio buttons which are populated in UI using foreach of velocity.

My question is how can i know which radio button is seleted by user.
I can not use javascript.
I cannot use struts tags.

Any idea how to achieve this ???


14 years ago
Problem was that i was trying to index a abstract class..
Now its resolved..
But now i am not getting search result on the indexed entity

Any idea where i m wrong ?

I m trying to integrate hibernate search in my existing application. According to the tutorial of hibernate search i have added following properties in hibernate properties in applicationContext.xml

Also i have added the annotation on the entity classes for which i want to enable search.
Using @Indexed on class and @Field on the fields.

Now when i am runniong the server and doing CRUD operation on entity the it is reflecting in DB but there is not indexing done . I cant see on file system.

Following are the versions i am using:
hibernate-search - 3.1.0.GA
hibernate-annotations - 3.4.0.GA
hibernate-commons-annotations -
hibernate-core - 3.3.1.GA
hibernate-entitymanager - 3.4.0.GA
spring - 2.5.3

What can be the problem ??

I want to detect duplicate contacts in my db. Duplicates can be on the basis of name, email, mobilenumber ...
And finally i want result in form of a collection of group.
e.g Group1 with common name n1 containing contacts founded by this name,
Group2 with common name n2 containing contacts founded by this name,
Group3 with common email e1 containing contacts founded by this email .. and so on

What will be the best way of doing it using hibernate. ???

Thanks for quick reply:
Here is my problem in detail :-
I have a module for importing data from different sources.
There are two main interface in this module (I1,I2). I1 is for other modules by which they will access my module and I2 for inter-modules implementation's (depanding on source of imports) that can increase lateron. I want that no other module should access (or no one can use) the interface I2. Only Interface I1 and the default implementations should be visible to other module.

14 years ago
I have interface -> I in package test

I want this interface to be accessible in sub-packages only(say test.sub ), not outside package-test
Making this inteface public make it visible in sub-packages but it also make it visible in other packages.

Is it possible to do this ??
if yes then how can achieve it ??


14 years ago
By doing things as you said things will work but in database level there are two relationships between meeting and attendee table..
There will be two relationships

According to me this thing is not optimized as far as database is concerned because foreign key is primary key is same for both relationships.

Hi Ankit,
Thanks for your reply.
Actually i want single mapping between meeting and attendee table
if i do one to one with MainAttendee and one to many with SubAttendee then i think there will be two mappings between Meeting and Attendee Table as MainAttendee and SubAttendee are part of one table..

I have done following mappings in my model...

Attendee table follow table class and has two subclasses MainAttendee and SubAttendee.

MainAttendee is always one and SubAttendee can be multiple
I want to know whether it is possible in hibernate that i define two variables in Meeting class one for MainAttendee and other for collection of SubAttendee.
something as follwing :::::

i want a single relationship as MainAttendee and SubAttendee are member of same table..
Is it possible ???

Blackberry has its ownapi which is written on J2ME. You can directly work on blackberry api but It will be good if you try out some samples of J2ME first. There are lot of samples in sun Sun Wireless ToolKit. You can easily download it from sun site .
15 years ago
i tried without contact. part its the same.
When i am adding restrictions on same table fields i.e firstName and middleName i am getting correct results.
As soon as i add restrictions on communication table i am getting 0 results.

I searched on google and found that i must use Disjunction beacause i need or operator in query.
this is the code

executing this i am getting results but i now getting duplicate records..
Any idea why ??