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Recent posts by Vaibhav Ajmera

You need to login to Oracle's CertView website:
1. You download your e-certificate or
2. Request for a physical copy of the certificate to be courier to you or
3. You can now publish your certification result on Online portals like LinkedIN, etc.

I cleared the 1z0-803 exam with 81% score.

Now focussing on 1z0-804 exam.
4 years ago
The PDF version might be available with the hard copy as part of the CD.
Even I m going through the oreilly book and then use the enthuware mock exams .

Best Of luck...
I wanted to know whether there any mock exams available for the preparation of the EJB certification IZ0-895. I have already taken the enthuware exam set.

BUt to practice a bit more.

Frits Walraven wrote:Hi Vaibhav ,

You should read and study the following chapters (and skip all the parts of EJB 2.x)

  • 1 until 5
  • 12 until 14
  • 16 until 23

  • Regards,

    I wanted to know which all chapters do I need to read from EJB Specifications provided at Oracle site for OCBCD Exam ?

    Please note that I am asking this for the exam IZ0 895 .

    Oracle link for specification :

    Can someone please suggest a good book for 1Z0-860 - Java Enterprise Edition 5 Business Component Developer Certified Professional Exam ?

    Is Head first EJB the best book for OCBCD certification ?

    Can someone please suggest some other books as well ?

    GO for Head first JSP and Servlets - study material

    I gave IZ0-858 - OCWCD exam.

    hariharan jayaprakash wrote:Congradulations.

    I have cleared SCJP past 2 days back. I plan to write SCWCD now.

    Which version and what is the xam code>?

    and Can you please suggest reference material also?

    Cleared the exam today

    Head FIrst Authors : You Rock , your head first book is awesome