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Recent posts by Maharsh Kapadia

Anthony D'Souz wrote:Hello All,

I started my career with Company A (a small company) where I worked for around 2 months 10 days. Then I switched to Company B and was there for around 2 years 10 months. Then I moved to Company C where I stayed for around 8 months.

Presently I am in Company D where my B1 is getting initiated and I will be giving the interview at the beginning of Jan, 2015.

My Concern is:

Since I was in Company A for only 2.5 months and the company was shut down in 2011, shall I mention this in my Visa Form?

I showed the experience of Company A while joining Company C and it caused me a lot of problems at the time of background verification. I was not able to provide my manager's details since all of them moved out at different locations.

In such a scenario, will it be good to remove the experience of Company A in the DS 160 Form?

Please let me know on this.

From my experience, In B1 visa, no one is going to to check your old company and verify. Give true information only.
6 years ago
The new book is available in india also by BPB publication. Follow the URL OCPJWCD6.
Arulk, you are living in Sydeny. Can you please give brief regarding software field in Australia. If some one wants to migrate to Australia from India or other country then what would be the best way ? Whether Employers directly offer to foreigners or a person must has PR and valid Australian degree. You can share some popular consultant names who helps in migration and getting jobs in Australia. This would be great help to many people for their future.. Thanks for sharing details, keep posting updates..
11 years ago
Recently I heard Australia is having shortage of some specific skill sets and they are changing their Critical Skill Listing. Mostly in March they will be publishing the list. As Java/J2EE was in MODL (Migration Occupations in Demand List), it's most likely these java/j2ee skills would be again in demand. FYI, CSL is considered as priority one for Australia Government. Check this site : and be updated. Happy Immigration to all !!!
11 years ago
[deleted company reference]
Please read to understand why your post content was deleted
12 years ago
All that we discussed are assumptions but not real experience. No one here who faced such problem in their own life ?
12 years ago
I have simple but important question which i think mostly of people have faced in their career.

If some one accepts the offer and does not join that company due to some reason (like some good offer or personal reason), then how will it affect to his/her career ?
Will that person be black listed for that company ?
Do you see any other major consequences related to career or Job ?

Please share some real experience that you faced in your/other's life. I am sure many of us in software field has faced such problems in life.
12 years ago
It's glad to announce that I have cracked SCJP5 with 87%. I would like to thanks all JavaRanch community members for my success.

I would like share my thoughts about SCJP and it's importance to Java Rancher.

I started study of SCJP before 3 months. I am working in java since last 3 years so it was not new for me to understand the language. But after starting study of SCJP, I come to know various details of java language, which are never supposed to know if have not study for SCJP.

On month of March, I started study with K & B book.(although I have purchased book and voucher both in Nov-2007 :roll:

I must say the book is written very good and is very specific to exam. I use to study book in weekends only due to busy schedule of office. I completed book once after 2 months.. (it's too long..) . Now I had 1 month preparation time. I started to appear for mock testes. I started with Marcus Green Test. I found it tough and I was just able to give 50% right answers. To build-up confidence, I started with Roundup games. This game is good organized. It contains most basic of language syntax and all.I score good in this games. . Then I appeared for Santis Test.. This is organized in sections. I used to prepare for the a section at a time and appear for the section in Santis test. Other Mock test i appeared John Mayer & Inquisitions. This is also very helpful.

Now it was only two day (Saturday and Sunday ) remaining for the exam. I prepared the schedule only dedicated for SCJP on weekends. On Saturday, I review book important points, two minute drills and appeared for K&B book Mock test, I scored 70% in it. On next day (Sunday) I attended some of the random SCJP Dumps, which were very helpful to me to memorize core concepts.

At last the day come and i appeared for the exam at 11 AM. Came out with 87% scored.

Please note following things which are very important:

1. Attempt as much mock test as you can before the exam. (Those listed in MockTests are enough.
2. Write as much practice program as you can before the exam.
3. Don't be nervous on exam day. Go with full preparation and confidence.
4. Take full rest (6- 7 hrs) before the day of exam. (otherwise you will sleeps in 3 hrs in exam).


Thanks again & regards,
Maharsh Kapadia
13 years ago