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Recent posts by Deepak M

I still haven't received any mail from you Anonymous as promised by you eariler.
So sad :-)

Deepak :-)

Originally posted by Anonymous:
without disclosing my identity for certain personal reasons.
asking me to prove it sounds a little of mistrust on a forum that I have grown to respect. Tomorrow you will have an email from me with proof of my results.

Personal reasons ? I don't seem to understand your personal reason. Please enlighten. There is a recent thread from Ajith about the same. I'm sure he wouldn't agree with u.
Yes, Its difficult for me to believe you till u prove it ! Just give us the link to the sun's page which confirms this.
Well I'd love to believe that u did score 100%.
Why don't u give us the link to the page which confirms this ?
It difficult to believe an 'anonymous' person passing with 100%.
Lets add one more person to the list of 100% AFTER we see the link to the page ???
Hai Hai,
Haven't u heard - kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so abh.
But if you take the exam today, u still have to pay 8000 Rs.
However you have to attempt 120 qts in 2 hrs.
All the best !
Now you regret why u did't exam the exam earlier.
Deepak :-)
I've read XML is the language for universal data format.
Does that it can replace my RDBMS ?
I am from Pune just cleared SCJP with 98 %. I had been to the Sylvan Prometric Center and inquired about the developers exam. The developers exam has been hiked by 3000 Rs but not only SCJP exam that is.

Originally posted by geetha:
Hi ,
first let me congratulate u.great score!!!
I have some doubts in threads.hope u can clear me.
1.what might cause the current thread to stop executing?
A.An InterruptedException is thrown
B.The thread executes a wait() call
C.The thread constructs a new thread
D.A thread of higher priority becomes ready
E.The thread executes a waitforID()call on a mediaTracker.
my ans:bde
Your answers are correct !
2.Which of the followidng statements are true.
a.All the threads created in a class come to an end at the same time.
b.You can stop a thread indefinitely if u wish to.
c.You can start a thread only by extending the Thread class d.multiple threads accessing a method will lead to producing junk.
e.JVM exits after the main() thread is exited even if there might be some threads running
Correct answers : bd
Thanks in advance,

Congrats Trinity ! and All the best !
Could u gimme the link to IBM's e-business certification ?
What is it all about and is it possible to take it in India ?
Deepak :-)
Hello Everyone,
I'd like to thank everyone.
Most of u have asked me for the JLS.
Here's the link to the latest edition of Java Language Specs :
If you can't download it, I'll mail it to you personally.
Do write in to let me know how you're doing with yr preparation. I'd love hear from each one of you.
Thanx once again.
Deepak :-)
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Originally posted by Jumbo:
Why do'nt you clear these doubts for everyones benifit...from
exam point of view ...
1. Are we supposed to type {} if we have to typein some class declarations?.
2.What about " " for strings?
3.true,false, null can we select them as keywords?
No, they are literals
4. Any ambiguous queries like
Range of weightx and weight y in GridBagConstraints?
Non-negative integers. Range need NOT be 0.0 to 1.0
- Thanks

Congratulations !
Thats a awesome score. !!!
We're even now ! :-)
Do u know where did u lose yr 2% ?
Anyway, all the best for everything.
23 years ago
just assume its concat instead of append.

Originally posted by Sanjana:
Congartulations on your success..

I think I know u .... can I have yr e-mail address ?
or u could mail me at
Hello Everyone,
Thanx a ton for all your wishes......
Here's the link to The Java Language Specs (JLS) :
If you have problems with the above link, lemme know.
haijun,, read more about XML certification here :
Thanx Marcela,
Well I was gonna wait for the beta, but I had to update my resume asap. I have to look for a job asap.
hi Guys,
So I finally made it after 3 months of JLS, and JavaRanch.
And NO mock tests !
That's right, the only test I took was the Beta exam (which was more than just a mock test) last week.
Guys, one word of advice for u ... Read the Java Language Specs - esp the chapter on Classes, Interfaces, Arrays and Expressions.
If u can't find it on the Net, I'll mail it to u personally.
For I/O - I referred to the API and stuck the objectives.
For AWT - Core Java gives a good explanation, RHE is good for event handling.
For Threads, refer to CoreJava Volume 2 - nothing beats it !
Be good to yourself - read the JLS
I wonder where I went wrong... I think its just not possible to score 100% even if u get all qts right. Its probably programmed that way.
After all, noone's perfect, and Sun very well believes in it !
My next goal - SCJD and an XML certification !
All the best to all of u out there.....
I'd love to be of help to anyone who plans to take the real exam after October as well.
From the beta exam, its pretty obvoius the new exam has the same level of difficulty. However, you are now provided with the number of correct choices to be selected in case of more than one correct answers.

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