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Recent posts by Jim Petersen

Also Dave here's a gentle, if dated, overview/tutorial from a couple of years back
19 years ago
Hi Dave did you try the source?
bit too proprietary for my likes though some big sites use this...
19 years ago
I'm not convinced that posting the same request in several different forums will solve your problem(s) any quicker
Without going into your task any deeper, first issue would how much are you prepared to pay?
If you have deep pockects then the world is yours and there are any number of web servers available
otherwise take the apache/tomcat road as they are free!
Also have you checked poolman?
for your connection pooling issue
20 years ago
I agree with Simon.
Before embarking on the Oracle download ordeal I put GetRight trial evaluation ( on my machine so I didn't waste my time when I connection got knocked off
It took a couple of days(!!) but eventually I got there Oracle works with no problems
getright seemed to work fine - otherwise can't you get a CD from Oracle?
20 years ago
Cheers guys
i'll have a look at these leads and see where we get
20 years ago
Hi there I downloaded tc 4.1.7 over the weekend to play with it and there seem to be a few nice new features included. My overall impression is that it easier to get up and running than previous versions.
I have one small problem in trying to log into the tc administration application on the default home page (ie http://localhost:8080/admin)
I get a 500 error saying
"javax.servlet.ServletException: Missing message for key application.title"
any suggestions?
20 years ago

Originally posted by Simon Brown:
I think that as you advance your career and get more experience, the certs begin to matter less and less to employers.
Still certainly worth getting though!

And with more experience the certification gets easier
20 years ago
Thanks all!
I actually enjoyed doing this exam much more than the SCJP!
Just as a general observation it seem that push for certifications has slowed appreciably over the past couple of months
On to the developer exam in a month or two...
20 years ago
I am not convinced that 'Core' Servlets serves much purpose for the exam as it is old (uses the old Java Web Server for example) and covers Servlets V 2.2 and JSP 1.1 apart form the fact that is free.
For the exam you'd be better served with the specs, the APIs and 'More' servlets book
That depeneds on your skills and experience, but in general i think the SCWCD would take less time there are plenty of study notes out there, get the APIs, web.xml tld.xml, read the specs, and youre pretty much there
Hi passed SWCD this morning (76% not a great score fot the exam but a pass is a pass...) Not a hard one with a bit of application
Experience is pretty much the same as every one else's From what I remember...
- Lots of taglib questions
- 4 or so design patterns
- 4 or so JavaBeans questions
- Few on Listeners as well
Funny thing was that I did well in taglibs (the weakest area for me) and terrible in JavaBeans (what I thought I was strong in) so you never can tell I guess. JWeb+ was on the money for the exam and worth the investment
Good luck to all those out there studying...
20 years ago
Wow great news I only found out now checking my mail as I've been too busy at work to read this mail a/c or contribute to JR
Thanks to JR and keep up the brilliant work
(also sorry for dragging up this thread as well)
20 years ago
Yep code works fine - I followed the same steps as per Karl
20 years ago
shouldn't the .jar go in WEB-INF/lib directory? of your webapp?
so under a normal Tomcat setup this would be
CATALINA_HOME/webapps/mywebapp/WEB_INF/lib ??
20 years ago
Also is 'data' pronounced
'dar-taa' ??
(I've had friends pulled up for their pronounciation in interviews over this though I can't remember which was correct! maybe it comes down to my Kiwi accent!)
20 years ago