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Recent posts by Antonio Li��n

Thanks for the reply, but i'm not talking about validation. I already have a validator that tests the values looking for empty or whitespaced values, I'm talking about to compare a value with one in the database, and if them are differents, then show the error.

Hello, I'm using Spring to manage some forms and, until now, when the user introduced an incorrect value for a field (i.e. an invalid user), I sended him to another jsp. Now I won't to send him to the same jsp whith a message saying "you were wrong..." or something like that. I put this code in my SimpleFormController:

I expected that would make this to work correctly, it only redirect to te jsp, but no errors apperars.
How would i make this??
Thanks a lot.
Sorry but I didn't read the part of RedirectView on the spring�s documentation yet, I put it because some one would need it:
Hi, i'm getting a exception when I internally try to redirect to a form ( that is implemented using the Spring SimpleFormController, the steaps:

1) First the user goes to "" (myProfile) without loggin.

2) The app redirect him to "" that is the SimpleFormController for login.

3) If he did log in successfully, i want to redirect him to "", but here's when the exception "Neither BindingResult nor plain target object for bean name available as request attribute" apperas.

The code:
=== A part of my -servlet.xml ===

=== profiles.jsp ===

=== === (The command)

=== SimpleFormController for profiles ===

=== SimpleFormController for login ===

I think it�s caused when i'm returning to the profile view, because it receive no errors, nor command class ...

Any idea would be helpful for me, thanks.
(Sorry for my poor level of English)