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Raphael Rabadan

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Recent posts by Raphael Rabadan

Jayapala Pm wrote:Hi dear Congratss!!! you rock

Can you suggest me how to study for SCJP6 from beginning please.
Thanks in advance..

I think its a little late but the answer I gave to Drunken Developer was supposed to be for you.
10 years ago
Ohhh, more then a year has passed and my topic is still around. Again, thanks everyone who gave congrats to me.

The nice thing is to know that my files are still helping people out...

Abhay Agarwal, I don't remember how many question of threads, sorry.

Drunken Developer, It's easy. i'll put in an order...
1. Read all the book of Sierra until you do anything else.
2. Start to answer and understand all the question of the SCJP Forum here in the Javaranch.
3. Do mocks, a lot of them, all the master exams, inquisition, whizlabs and keep it going until you feel you are good.

10 years ago
Congratulations Ankit
11 years ago

good luck on your exam. You'll do fine
About the Whizlabs, that's weird. Use a proxy from a place where it is $19.
Congratulations on your SCJP!

About the SCWCD, as I know, It's not going to be updated any time soon. So, good luck with it!

Kind Regards,
Raphael Rabadan
11 years ago
Nice Nabila, you've got a good score!
Well, what I have to say to you is: Congratulations!
And keep going, choose your next target!

Sorry to not being able to help more these last weeks, but I'm out of time.

Raphael Rabadan.
11 years ago
Nabila, I'll try to explain in a simple way.

The exception being throwed is a IllegalMonitorStateException that's why your InterrupedException IS NOT getting it. Of course if you change it to Exception it will catch it, because IllegalMonitorStateException is child of Exception. Put a e.printStackTrace() inside your catch and try your codes again.
[ August 13, 2008: Message edited by: Raphael Rabadan ]
Well done!! Congratulations!!
12 years ago
Already said to ya, but here it is again, congrats!!
12 years ago
And wow, from 66% to 90%. You really learn with errors
12 years ago
Congrats!! :-)

What's your next target?
12 years ago
Congratulations Faber!!
What's your next target? Keep moving!
12 years ago

Originally posted by Sharma Ritu:
Congratulations on your wonderful score!

Best wishes
Ritu Sharma
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Thanks for the congrats, and also thanks for your software, for sure it had a part of "guilt" in my success
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12 years ago