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Recent posts by saptadip sarkar

Thank you David for your valuable suggestions. I will work on them.
12 years ago
No Regular Expressions I meant "Shell-Scripting" in UNIX(Solaris).
What I want to know is how I can do the format checking by using JAVA only, not Regular-Expressions.
12 years ago
Hello Members

I work in Solaris Platform & have recently started learning JAVA. I want to write a script that will check the incoming message(WebSphere MQ) format with a standard SWIFT message format template.

Can you help me by giving some ideas how I can implement this by using Java. Using "Reqular Expressions" in Shell-Scripting I can achieve this; however wanted to do it in JAVA.
12 years ago
Doing an ls under any directory will give you the list of all files(use -a to get the hidden files details), but the output will include all the details of the files like "permission", "owner of the file", "time stamp" if you want the name of the files to be displayed ONLY(may be you like to pass the file names as parameter to some function or script), try this:

ls -a <directory> | awk {'print $9'}

Note: The numeric value 9 denotes the column number which denotes the file name.
12 years ago

Originally posted by Madhawi Maurya:
Hi friends,
I go 90% in scjp1.5. All questions was good. All questions i did at the time of the preperation of SCJP1.5.
For preparation:
I used to visit
I searched mock test for scjp1.5 from
I read 5 times the kethi sirea book.

And lastly, today i decided to give the test.

I like to say thanks to all javarancher who always hels me to clear the problem.

Congrats Frnd...for passing the exam with 90% marks.
14 years ago