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Recent posts by Felix Li

I am thinking to prepare for OCA, haven't got anything concrete yet. (Was thinking about MS sql server 2008 cert., but the cert. structure looks really confusing to me) I have experience working with oracle, sql server, some pl/sql, some t-sql. What bother me now, is when I get a chance to touch on Oracle, I am using my company's DB, and OBVIOUSLY, that's not for personally use. How can I get more practices and hands-on experience to prepare for the exam? Is taking courses from college the only way? Any good suggestion of books or websites from the ranchers?Btw, I believe Oracle cert. do not expire, am I correct?


Hmm... I guess that's true. Well, I am actually using AJAX with JSP. Some of the more important calculations have been embedded into javascript to improve user interactions. It would be great if the script can be hidden, but on second thoughts, the calculations should be easily figured out by users, so hidding them won't be so necessary.

Hi all,

I am creating some servlets and jsp with javascript and css. I can successfully include javascript and css while the source files are under the root dir. But I cannot figure out how to include them if they were located under WEB-INF/ dir. I need to put it there such that the users won't be able to access these javascript/css directly.

Thanks in advance.
I love the icon on the top left today for Halloween. But I miss the fruit fly in b/w the nose.
15 years ago
Interesting topic. Here is my $.2

I think there is a point missing here, what about "experience"?

Certification should always be back by experience. In obtaining a cert., you are telling your target audience (employers) that you know the technology well and you can apply everything about it to help the company. Cert. is different than a degree. So I would suggest the following:

-if you have experience with web services and SOA, then give SCDJWS. It is an eye catcher for employer really. But at the same time, you should have experience with web development, that's part of what SOA is based on.

-if you have experience with web app development only, then give SCWCD. I just did it. It's cool and will give you a bigger tool set for doing what you're doing.

Hi Lakshmi,

I really want to congrat you for the archievement you have made but I seriously can't. And you probably know why already.

Using --- from ANY sources is considered cheating and it is illegal. The possible result is decertification and never be able to do any cert. from the same vendor for life. Though the fact that you were asking me for --- right after my exam doesn't prove you have obtained --- anywhere else, or you haven't. I surely hope you didn't because it will destroy your career. I urge you to seriously consider checking out http://www.certguard.com you attempt any other cert.

Good luck.
[ October 27, 2008: Message edited by: Felix Li ]
15 years ago
Just passed the exam 15 mins ago. 85%, a little higher than expected, I am happy enough.


Head First 2nd Edition (read 3 times)
Enthuware(All 8 exams, redid the first 3 a couple days before to make sure I have covered the missing concept)
J2EECertification website
Implemented a web app for monitoring home income and expenses, with JNDI, authentication/authorization, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS
Participation in JavaRanch, (very useful, I was checking this forum even it was 30 mins before the exam)

Most important of all, for those who are taking the exam soon, be sure to get enough rest, I was a bit tired and did affect my performance a little. The questions are mostly very specific and you MUST look at every single word. One single word can make a huge difference in your answers.

I think a callback method means that the container will automatically call it within the lifecycle of a filter, which makes B true, since a container will call init(), doFilter() and destroy().

One more question regarding option C. The doFilter method of which interface Filter or FilterChain?

Exactly! That's what makes this question tricky I think. Because doFilter() can be called by FilterChain object, that makes it not "always a container call back method"

It's probably not a big deal for SCWCD, but i think session management is a subset of state management. Meaning that session management is a method for state management, but state management does not necessarily have to be using session. We could well use other method like Database or other things to maintain/store the state.
On P.356, the example works because it assumes the bean Person exists in the attribute. (See the bolded lines)

In summary,
If bean exists in scoped attributes, then you can have any one of the following for your useBean tag:
a) type only
b) class only
c) type AND class

if bean does not exists in scoped attributes, then you can have:
a) class only
b) type AND class

class is a MUST!

Hi Maan

No it still won't work. See page 357. type == reference type and class == object type.


then i guess the corresponding servlet code in _jspService() method will be,

foo.Employee person=null;


will not be a correct assumption. And instead, it should be:
(foo.Employee person = new (???);

Since we have no idea what the (???) is supposed to be, then it will fail. But if we were to have class="foo.Employee" instead, then the code will become:

(foo.Employee person = new Employee();

and we get ourselves an Employee Object. Then it will work.
Thanks Christophe. You just got the answer I needed.
I have implemented an app using FORM auth method and it is working well. BUT, I still have questions

How is the container actually handling it in the background? If I have map report.jsp to use the FORM login method, would the container ask me EVERYTIME when I am directed to report.jsp no matter it is from the url, response.redirect() or requestDispatcher? if this is the case, then it must be a heck of a confusion if I were to map the url-pattern to /* !!! That means everytime I enter ANY pages, I am being prompted back to login.jsp to login!

Soooooo..... I suppose the container is making use of the sessionnnnnnnnnn......

Greatly appreciated if someone point me to the right direction. Thanks in advance.

Thanks Rufus.

Yeah I heard from the forum that EL takes a big part. Unfortunately enthuware and head first don't have too many practices on them. So I will have to explore more on the internet.


I have confusion on this question regarding EL.


Map m = new HashMap();
m.put("m", "n");
m.put("n", "o");
m.put("o", "p");
pageContext.setAttribute("map", m, PageContext.PAGE_SCOPE);

Which of the following will output p?

One of the option I chose was ${map[map[n]]} and the explaination says that it will work if it is ${map[map["n"]]}, how come?

Thanks in advance.