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Recent posts by Bejoy Kaladhar

I'm developing a web application using Struts2,Tiles,Spring,dwr etc in Java 5. Now the application is alomost complete but there is a serious issue regarding the loading time. I have limited the use of images on the views and all the images are gif itself,so i beleive its nothing related to the image loading time.
I have configured my page layout as header,left,body and footer. So there would be 4 jsps forming a view screen,which is dynaically injected via tiles. In all cases header and footer are and the left is also same in most cases only the body gets reloaded every time.My tiles configuration is as

Now what happens is that when i go for the definition from the all the pages ie the headerPage.jsp,leftPageBuy.jsp,footerPage.jsp are reloaded. i just want the searchPortalPage.jsp to be loaded keeping the other three constant. That is in short when i come from to ,I just want my body page(search page) to be loaded on the browser keeping the already loaded header,left and footer the itself. Is that possible with Tiles? if So then i can cut down the loading time to a greater extent.
I have given a path in my xml file as

which works fine on my JAVA development environment on Windows.When I deployed my application on linux box i gave my path as

It is showing an error as such a directory doesn't exist.A directory of the same path exists in my server space when i checked it with filezilla.I have also tried out afew options as

But unfortunately none didn't work, can any one please guide me in this issue to provide a directory path in linux?.
13 years ago
ok David.Sorry for confusing you.
When i validate with the required validator alone i get the validation done
also the validation works fine when i use the int validator alone

But when both are used in the order i mentioned only the required validator works and the int validator doesn' if i dont give any value then it prompts for a value but if i give a string value it accepts it rather than prompting for an int value.This is my short stopper right now.
13 years ago
hello...just try out this piece of coe for validator xml file.I'm sure the string length validator would work fine not sure of the int validator.Give a try.

You can do the same without the short-circuit attribute also.
[ December 19, 2008: Message edited by: Bejoy KS ]
13 years ago
I need to check whether a text field is empty or not.If not empty then i need to check whether that it is a number beteen 1 and 10.If empty it should show "Enter a value for field".if Any value other than nos beteen 1 and 10 is entered then it should show "Enter a value between 1 and 10".This is exactly how i need my validation to work. I tried out this as

13 years ago
Hello David
It was a typing mistake form my side i had tried the int validation with parameters "min" and "max" only.It is not working with the short-circuit.any intelligent solutions?
13 years ago
hello guys,sorry for a late response.met with an accident tats why.
ok..Nishan i tried the expression validator the way you specified using equals(eq) but sory to ay that the validation is not being performed
i gave it as

the senario is that i'm having a select which contains a list of cities.The first element of the list is "Select City" . I need to validate whether a ciy has been selected or not i mean if the citySelect slect box is having the value "Select City" then the message should be displayed

Initially i tried the expression validaor as

but these 3 didn't work so i created text field like this within my form

and gave the validator expression as

Unfortunately even that is not working.any thoughts?
[ December 19, 2008: Message edited by: Bejoy KS ]
13 years ago
Also i tried a few options for my second issue, using required and int

1.with and without short-circuit="true" in both the validators
2.using requiredString validator instead of required validator

unfortunately even that is not working.

With the expression validator i've tried a few options as

Even this is not making any difference.
13 years ago

Hello experts,
I'm am stuck with a issue in struts 2 validation can you please help me sort out this.I had implemented client side validation on struts 2 and i am successful in using validators as required,requiredString,stringLength but now facing 2 basic issues now

1.I'm not able to use the expression validator
2.i need to check first whether a text box is empty or not if empty it should give a validation message also if it contains any value other than integer then also it should give a message

My code snippets are here

this is my validation xml file CarClubAction-carClubSave-validation.xml

also in my jsp page i've given all my controls within a forma tag as

Any idea what the problem could be?

13 years ago