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Recent posts by Milan Sutaria

Congratulations Adarsh!
Thanks for sharing your experience. It is helpful as I intend to give my exam in soon.
9 years ago
Yes, even I did not know. Just read the specs, its true for tag files and false for custom tags.
Older Post
1. In a web application, is it better to handle security Declaratively or Programmatically?
I feel the generic answer should be Declaratively. However, as the question mentions specifically about security, I would answer programmatically. Setting the securities using the annotations makes sure they are not altered easily(unless a new jar is built and deployed).
Whizlabs says Declaratively. What is your opinion?

2. How many HTTP methods are there?
Whizlabs says 7. In my opinion answer is 9[ GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, OPTIONS, HEAD, CONNECT, PATCH ]. What do you think?
wow that was good to know upcoming features in Java. Looking forward to give a SCJP 8 sample test before go live.
11 years ago
is the webapp name spelled correctly on second occassion? I see "loginnapp" on first classpath and then I see "LoginApp"
11 years ago
Even I am preparing for SCWCD and am curious to know. If a servlet IS-A servletConfig why does the container has to pass a servletConfig to servlet:init(ServletConfig)?
(this is altogether a different question from the original)
Thanks for your thoughts
I had declared the class as default access type. Declaring it as public solved my problem. Even I was getting the 404 error. I tried everything mentioned above but careful reading of the tomcat logs showed following errors

eventually, I realized my mistake.
12 years ago
Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience.
12 years ago
Solved myself. referRunning multiple Tomcat instances on Windows (A note instead of creating the webapps folder, as suggested by the blog, copy it from original tomcat installation)
12 years ago
No, I am not aware of that and would like to know pointers(if possible)
But still I am looking for answer to my question
12 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Why do you need multiple instances of Tomcat?

There can be multiple reasons. I want to run web applications on separate tomcats, so I don't have to restart all the web applications
12 years ago

This one is simple. I tried searching online but not could not find an answer.

I know I can have just 1 set of binary folder and then copy a set of folders and configuration files to another location and use run 2 instances of tomcat. I dont know which folders need to be copied and where should the TOMCAT_HOME and TOMCAT_BASE point to.

Thanks for your time in advance.

(Although, I am good in Java but I am new to the web world)
12 years ago