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Recent posts by Shailesh Narkhede


Thanks Dieter for reply you are right it is a security issue. fix by doing bellow setting on admin console of servers.
we have been able to fix issue by unchecking checkbox of "Enable administrative security" from both server 6.1& 8.5.

Admin console --> Security tab(left menu) --> Global Security -->disable "Enable administrative security" check box from "Administrative security" section.

Hi All,

In project there is requirement where we need to call EJB deployed on remote machine on WebSphere application server 6.1 from EJB application deployed on local machine on WebSphere application server 8.1.
Calling flow is as follow,

When calling remote EJB WAS 6.1 from WAS 8.5, call succeed & return to EJB WAS 8.1 with expected result, when flow came to the return statement of EJB WAS 8.1 InvocationTargetException is being thrown, stack trace is as follows,
when I commented call to remote EJB WAS 6.1 then it works fine, ever though in below stack trace there is no InvocationTargetException but it is thrown underneath.

I do not understand call to EJB WAS 6.1 is success but why throwing exception while returning from EJB WAS 8.5 to service locator?

Please help me to understand issue...Thanks in advance.
I have a enterprise project in my workspace, I have added websphere application server 7.0 plug-in in eclipse(kepler). Now when I run the project by the run on server option by right clicking on enterprise project, it got deployed successfully.

But it got deployed to


And I wanted to deploy it on

Hi Ranchers,

I am using openjpa 2.1.0 implementation of JPA.
Where I have entity in that have property annotated with @Version annotation.

here XXX_VERSION is column in table with datatype numeric, now when I call merge by editing entity then openjpa will do increment value from XXX_VERSION column by 1.

Above functionality as expected, working absolutely fine.
But when I used a Named queries for updating some of the columns from table then version is not getting incremented due to that if any other concurrent user doing any thing with same row from DB from session of him then version is not got incremented in XXX_VERSION column.
I have tried to pass the incremented version to update query, it giving exception saying invalid query syntax.

what could be done so that version got incremented in case update queries using Named query?

Got solution myself after going through javadoc for SimpleDateFormat

need to change hh to HH in SimpleDateFormat then it works.

9 years ago
Hi ranchers,
I have below code,

ouput is as below,

I am parsing 12:30 and adding that time with the current time, as I am giving a 12:30 then after appying this time with current date it should have time 12:30 but having time of midnight i.e. 00:30.
How can I avoid of parsing to a mid night time instead of noon time.

Shailesh Narkhede.
9 years ago
HI Ranchers,

In above function as you can see in input variable date given is incorrect. but when I call this method this function run perfectly fine and gives below output,
Sat Jan 01 00:00:00 IST 1

I dont understand how can I validate date so formatter.parse() method will return null as given date is invalid?

Thanks in advance ...
9 years ago
HI Ranchers,

I have already cleared a SCJP 1.4 & SCWCD 1.5, which is of Sun's certification exam. Now I wish to take a Web services certification of oracle (OCE WSD 6).
Now question is Am I eligible to take (OCE WSD 6) this exam?

If yes then what the thing I need from SCJP 1.4 & SCWCD 1.5 thsi exams like number or something?
:) I was thinking might be some technical reason for that you might know.
anyways thanks.
9 years ago
Hi Bear,

Thanks for reply.

It worked way you told, but just one question in my mind why EL or JSTL does not support a enum?

9 years ago
Hi All,

I want to use enum in jsp using EL & JSTL, below is code,

above code OWN is hardcoded string in EL,
Instead of using hardcoded string want to use a enum PaymentOerationType having all possible values of payment type.
I am not able to use PaymentOerationType.OWN directly in EL.

How can I deal with emuns in EL or JSTL?
9 years ago

As you have a rootAction in your current application which is extending a Action class, now you are planning to use a dispatch action now you could write a one class say RootDispatchAction extends DispatchAction ,

Now you can extend each of your action class from application extends to RootDispatchAction.
9 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

below is my hbm file & main class for inserting records in table,

when I execute program first time, then it will insert record in table successfully. when I try to run second time give exception for isbn column as it is a natural-key in hbm that is fine, then I changed value of isbn code in program then records inserted successfully.
below is records from DB,

6 00983020211 Learning is Fun1! No Idea! 200 0 29.899999618530273
7 00983020212 Learning is Fun1! No Idea! 200 0 29.899999618530273

as in hbm file title & author is declared in tag <properties> with unique attribute a true & name=combo , but still I am able to insert same value in title & author column? and in Books pojo I am getting value of combo as null. I am not sure is we got populated a combo value with title & author with some separator.

is anybody have idea about <properties> tags functionality?


try to remove deployment from server, and redeploy again.