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Recent posts by Denis Bogdanov

What Java version do you have? The class PrintStream has the method format() in java 5.
This is probably your problem:
taken from javadoc - JavaTM 2 Platform Standard Ed. 5.0>list(): ...If this abstract pathname does not denote a directory, then this method returns null ...

Check the string 7 - File search = new File("searchThis")
Thanks for the discussion and your opinions. Learning for the certification can fill the gaps from the using some technologies in the real world. And ... new versions or standards are coming and going
Hallo All,

Is it worthwhile to start with SCDJWS-study now? I want to use this chance to order my knowledge of WS-technologies... But old versions of SOAP, WSDL, JAXB, etc. in exam objectives don't motivate.

Originally posted by Raphael Rabadan:

You said what i've said :-)
He can only add Dog's in the example, you just give the explanation for it :-)

Hallo Raphael,
You are right. This was an aim of my post. You are discovered WHATand i have tried to explain WHY
Hallo Raphael,

I think it is an inaccuracy in explanation. Suppose we have a method
<pre name="code" class="java"> public void addItem(List<? super Dog> list) {
list.add(new Dog());
</blockquote> and Dog extends Animal & Animal extends Object

This means that you can pass to the method lists of type Object, Animal and Dog and the new object of the class Dog can be added to passed lists.

You can not invoke list.add(new Animal()) because, for example, for the list of Dog the cast is needed.
At the first i would like to say "Thank you for the Exam."

Now i have a note to question 51:
I think that answer "If Line 1 is replaced with return true; then size() will
not return any number greater than 1." is not correct.

I can add an object of another class to the map and this class can(must) have his own methods equals/hashCode.