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Recent posts by Amy Smith

Never mind. I had to add a local passive mode and then it worked.

--Amy Smith
11 years ago
Hi all, I am having a problem with Jakarta Commons FTP to an IIS FTP server. It works fine to an HP UNIX server. The storeFileStream hangs. A file actually gets created, 0 length. Any hints?

Java 1.4.2_06 commons-net-1.3.0.jar jakarta-oro-2.0.8.jar

--Amy Smith

*******************Here is a test sample******************************

***********And here is the output (minus all the blank lines...)********************

11 years ago
The Settings/Control Panel/Java does not let you change the version of the plugin. It only configures the plugin. I did make some progress.

Change from 1.6 back to 1.4 --> I found C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_15\bin\jpicpl32.exe which is the 1.4.2 control panel. This did allow me to change the plugin version back to 1.4.2. However, sigh..., now there is another issues.

Change from 1.4 back to 1.6 --> The Settings/Contro... still is the 1.6.0_03 version and it does not appear to let me change the plugin back to 1.6.

Thanks for the note.
--Amy Smith
12 years ago
Hi all,

I have an application from SAP that requires an old Java plugin, v1.4.2. I have the 1.4.2 JDK installed on my PC for use in a web app I support, but the plugin for the browser(IE7) is from 1.6. I do not want to remove the V6 plugin and always use 1.4.2, but want to switch back and forth from the old plugin to the new one. Is there a way to do this? If not what are my options for using the old plugin? I don't want to deinstall the newer verisions of the JDK!

I can't seem to find any documentation on how to control which version is being used in IE7. (or IE6... for that matter) There is only one version listed in the Options for IE7.

Thanks all,
--Amy Smith
12 years ago
Whew! I installed, then updated it through the built in Help/Software Updates with the Webtools. J2EE works now as I just deployed an app to Tomcat. I didn't have to edit the eclipse ini file and left JAVA_HOME as 1.4.2. Note that I do have JREs for Java 1.5 and 1.6 installed. Seems Eclipse found 1.5 because that is the default JRE for new projects.
Hmmm -- I just found this comment:

2) run it under a jvm 1.5 or more, please also note that simply configuring the jvm under eclipse.ini is not enough : it has to be the system default jvm. If you don't, eclipse will silently disable the J2EE perspective.

Can't verify it anywhere though.
I am having the same problem with the EE version. There is no way to create a new web project or see the J2EE perspective.

One thing that I did different on the eclipse install was to add -vm to the eclipse ini to 1.6.3 as the JVM that I am using in JAVA_HOME is 1.4.2. Has to stay that way for my real work! I want to switch from JDeveloper to Eclipse. Sigh. It should be easy by now.

Any hints anyone?
I just inherited a web app where business logic has been implemented in javascript. One of the script files is 4000 lines. While I consider myself javascript proficient, I could use the "best" editor I can find. I am using eclipse 3.0(IBM Rational Application Developer). An editor that does not have an eclipse plugin is fine.

I am looking for these features:
-Context sensitive code completion
-Context sensitive help
-Ability to review for syntax problems, incorrect variable names, ...
-Any other features you may have found helpful?
Great algorithm, thanks.

If you have the luxury of knowing values that are out of range for the column in the where, use the out of range values for the extra parameter values. This would let you handle the stragglers in one query.

IE. selecting by an id column that is always a positive number.
select ... from ... where ... in (?,?,?,?,?) and you are looking for "1,2,3". Use -1 for the other 2 parameters.

The behavior you described is not a problem unless you want to step through JDK code. You can avoid it by stepping over (debugger arrow that is an arch) the JDK code instead of stepping into it (debugger downward arrow).
I use WSAD every day and I have never attached the JDK source because I don't want to look at it. When I get the message, I use the debugger return arrow(debugger up arrow) until I get back to my application code. So, I ignore the message.
I am not sure where the src.jar is that matches the IBM JDK, but that is what you would need to set in the dialog in order to step into the JDK code.
I found one src.jar in
C:\Program Files\IBM\Application Developer\plugins\
No guarantee that it matches, but it is worth a try if you want to see the Sun/IBM code.
--Amy Smith
Isn't that just an informational message?
Is the page working?
17 years ago
Hi all,
I have Struts1.1 rc1 installed. Using DynaValidatorActionForm and attempting to do javascript validation in addition to the server validation. Server validation works fine. However, the javascript that is generated has "function validate/displayOptions(form)".
It appears that because you use the path instead of the form name, the javascript will not work.
Has anyone else experienced this or found what is wrong?
<form-bean name="optionsForm" type="org.apache.struts.validator.DynaValidatorActionForm">
<form-property name="option" type="java.lang.String" />
<form-property name="options" type="java.util.Vector" />
<action name="optionsForm" path="/displayOptions" scope="request" input="/request_options.jsp" type="com.hermanmiller.sample.struts.actions.DisplayOptionsAction">
<forward name="success" path="/options.jsp" />
<form name="/displayOptions">
<field property="option" depends="required,integer">
<arg0 name="required" key=""/>
<arg0 name="integer" key=""/>
<html:javascript formName="/displayOptions" />
17 years ago
My understanding is that DynaValidatorActionForm will let you define different validations for different actions that share the same form. With DynaValidatorForm all actions that share the form must share the validation.
17 years ago
I had 1.0 and have 1.1rc1 running in WSAD. If you use the struts provided with WSAD, it is 1.0.
Just making a guess from your error messages: It looks like your struts_config.xml is 1.1. There is no dtd in the WSAD struts.jar for 1.1. Change the struts_config.xml to say 1.0 or install 1.1.
>[6/20/03 9:49:24:672 IST] 560dadde SystemOut O >resolveEntity('-//Apache
>Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration >1.1//EN',
GL -- Amy
17 years ago
I like this question! Not that I have ever done this.
What about writing your own method to store the results of serialize in a table? BLOB comes to mind...