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Guys above are right, what you are doing is not good..consider what happens if the database goes down. Your connection will no longer be valid.
16 years ago
I think your answer was reasonable.
16 years ago
Tomcat doesn't ship with JMS support. JMS is a J2EE technology and Tomcat is not a J2EE container!!!

You have to have a JMS provider that provides the implementation of the JMS framework. Try OpenJMS
16 years ago
I'm trying to understand your question. Each ValueList aggregates ValueObjects, so you're using logic:iterate or similar to iterate through the valuelist correct? Since there is only 1 ValueList to be iterated through per page I can't follow why you're iterating through anything else?

Usually "Back" and "Next" links on the page should have a parameter that passes the verb so that you can execute getPreviousElements() or getNextElements() as the case may be

Originally posted by Alexey Korneychuk:
He All!
Please take a look at this question from Brainbench (Java 2 Fundamentals):

Which one of the following keywords has the highest associated active CPU usage?
a) Throw
b) Final
c) Break
d) Continue
e) While

What answer is right and why?
Give me any advice about this, please!

Bizzare question and rather pointless I think, but I'll give it a shot anyway...

c), d) and e) all will translate into JMP instructions ultimately. Not sure how many cycles the JVM takes but in x86 assembler it is just 1 cycle. I can't think of b) in terms of CPU usage but a) looks like the best choice as mentioned above creation of the Exception object etc. Anyway, I think it is a stupid question to ask.
16 years ago

Originally posted by jas oberai:

But I cant find the commons-services.jar file anywhere. And I could get these files under tomcat5.0:

please tell me where to find the services file and how to proceed further.

What version of Struts are you using? You don't need common-services.jar for Struts 1.2
16 years ago
IBM has a 60 day trial of WSAD. I think that is plenty of time to become an expert if you wanted ;-)
16 years ago
They are going to allow her to work from home all 5 days? Wow, that is quite a deal!
16 years ago

Originally posted by G Sirish Reddy:

2) Can you tell me some dis advantages of Inheritance ?

I agree with Patrick, taxes are a big disadvantage of Inheritance

16 years ago
HttpServlet includes support for the HTTP protocol like HTTP response codes, methods to handle the HTTP verbs (GET, PUT, POST) and functionality to automatically parse the HTTP headers and expose these values etc.

A basic servlet provides CGI type support... you can use your own protocol and handle it within the service() method.
16 years ago
I agree with Paul. If it's 8000 Lire then it's pretty bad, if it's 8000 USD then it's pretty incredible for just 1 yr LOL
16 years ago
One one hand we hear about how in the next 10 years there will be no software engineers left in the US because everything will be outsourced and then there is news from the Dept. of Labor that in the next 10 years computer specialities will be the hottest growing job market. Who do you believe?>1=6859
16 years ago
In Irvine I would say 85-90k is pretty average for someone with a few years experience. Irvine is in Orange County which is frightfully expensive to live and after taxes even 85k is not going to seem that great. Expect to spend $1500+/month on rent alone.

Being in SoCal both you and your wife will need a car since you can't get around LA any other way, expect several hundred dollars in car payments, auto insurance is SKY HIGH also especially for someone without extensive driving history etc. etc. you get the idea
[ August 22, 2005: Message edited by: Kevin Arouza ]
16 years ago
Jagdish, to answer your question.. the market is not too bad Many companies seem to be expanding their teams right now.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Mike Gershman:
And the next time they downsize your department, your boss will make sure you have plenty of play time.

You think so? I haven't been laid off from a job in the last 6 years. I had a job even when others were laid off from my team during the IT downturn. Some people can work 40 hrs a week and get results. Some people need to work 60 hrs a week and still be clueless ;-)
16 years ago