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In regards to your missed question number 2...

2. The challenge of updating and deploying new versions of J2SE desktop applications is made easier by:
A. browsers automatically downloading new applets as they are developed
B. browsers rendering the latest HTML served to them by Servlets and JSPs
C. Java Web Start Technology
D. Windows Update

(Correct Answer: D)

In Cameron McKenzie's Mock Exam Questions Book for CX-310-019 on page 163 that very question is asked but the answer is given as C, Java Web Start Technology. I think there is a mistake in one of these places and I believe it's the online questions. Just a warning for anyone confused by this as I was! As Cameron writes in the book, "Sun's Java Web Start Technology makes it possible to update installed J2SE desktop applications, over a network, with just one click!"

By the way, CONGRATS on passing! I hope to do the same soon.
13 years ago