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Recent posts by Gianluca Musella

Hi all,

can someone suggest me some books to prepare the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5?

On Amazon and Sun, I've nt founded anything.

Thank in advance

Hello boys.

Can someone show me some useful link about the scea part III exam? Or tell me in what consist?

I have not idea on what is and on which kind of experience I need, and I've the exam in the next week.

Thank you very much

uh, thank you very much.
I didn't aware about this.

So now I can study quietly the part III exam...



I pass the first SCEA exam.

I've just uploaded my assigment, FBN project.

And now? I haven't receiver any mail from Sun, what can I do? Must only wait? Wait for how many times? Who can I contact to have infos on my assigment?

Please let me know...

thank you, it seems that we are in the same boat!
Good morning, this is my first post.

I'm a scea candidate for the part 2, and my prj is the well famous Flight By Night project.

This is the problem. I've declared to use JSF. Now is the moment of the component diagram (from the instruction.html page):

Create a Component diagram that shows all of the J2EE components used in the system and their interaction. For example, what EJBs, Servlets, and/or JSPs might be needed?

Ok. But the model in JSF is formed by managed beans, which aren't real J2EE component, they are only POJO. So the question is:

Must I show the managed bean in this diagram? If I use simply J2EE I show only servlet, if I use struts than actions, but with JSF? And if not, what I may shown as model?
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