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Recent posts by bell saleem

Hi Purna,

I had a similar issue and mailed and it got resolved in 2 days.

post them if you have not done so.

Good luck for your result.
Congrats Tarang. Good Luck for the Essay.

I am also having the same issue. I uploaded my assignment 4 days ago.
I contacted pearson, but of no use.

I raised an issue with oracle university @

Oracle University Support

and got a service id for the request.

Hope to see a response tomorrow.

Meanwhile, please let me know if there are any updates.


Anyone please let me know if they have taken live web classes

I am using JSF(rich faces). I wish to retrieve all the logged in users and expire them.

There is no dependency on using JSF, any thing with plain Java API will be fine.

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
I am planning to take secure programming training & certification provided by SANS ( please let me know if it would be valuable and is is it recognized by companies.

Thanks in advance.
[ August 15, 2008: Message edited by: besaleem ]
Clearly it is a RunTimeException
the value of s is empty("") string
so is the exception

Also, make it a practice to check for NullPointerException while writing such code.
15 years ago
run the command 'telnet localhost 1521' on the command prompt where the database is running.
As you have said it is windows vista, 'telnet' may not work by default enable it by going to control panel and 'programs and features'.

if 'telnet localhost 1521' works then it is sure that your program should work.
Interfaces are here to specify a contract where the implementing classes should carry out.

It is like a specification where the implementors has to carry out.

any implementor can implement in his own way sticking to the contract.
15 years ago