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Recent posts by Jatin Sharma

Hi Ranchers,

First of all thanks a lot for such a wonderful book HFJS(Both editions)
Kudos to the book authors!!!

Today I cleared the exam scoring 81%

As I am a silent reader of this forum here is my little story :

1. Read both HFJS books once(try to implement all small excercises)
2. Enthuware mock exams are of great worth(but one complain i.e. it claims all questions in 8 mock exams are unique but there are some repitions, few only though) but exams are really very helpful.
3. Spent at least 10 minutes daily to read this forum to keep in touch and learn a lot from all rancher's wonderful experience
4. As i am doing a full time SW Engg job hence had a shortage of time so could not go through specs fully but try to catch maximum from these
5. For clearing and getting good score one must read specs(specially jsp spec chapter 6 jsp documents)
here was my results from enthuware and HFJS mocks
71,65,73,83,75,83, 83,68 and 63(from both HFJS books)

these exams are realy a bit tough than real one, specially HFJS mocks(choose all that apply is a pain but at the end it's fruitful)

One more thing donot miss dynamic attributes and singlethreadmodel interface its worth to do it paractically.
Exam is really performance based as lot of questions i answered from my work experience as i am using jsp technology in some of projects.

once again thanks a lot for all the help

Jatin Sharma
13 years ago
Hi Thakur,

Congrats for your good score and hard work!

I just wonder about the real exam i.e all the questions are "choose all that apply" or its enthuware style.

13 years ago

I think the answer "false" is correct.
Because Confidentiality means really confident i.e. even authorized persons or processed can not share or see the confidential data of each other like credit card info or pwd etc.