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Recent posts by wessel zaalberg

One way to do it is declare a variable for a window.
Open that window out of sight.
Give its document.location.href your jsp + plus name,data pairs that you want in your datebase and then close that window after having waited some time.
This is not a very stable approach your user might close the window before it is finished, the server might be slow.
But that is just the way things go with sneaky thing
22 years ago
Try when you are done with your resultset the line
con = null;
Garbage collection will then clear the connection.
22 years ago
Thank you.
But a many to many is not required here.
However there should be a control, because is a user clicked on a header and he does that again he expects the sorting order to be reversed. In other words sorting requires managing the state of a form.
In the session object I have the data container which provided the data for that page. So I can do with just one sorting class that operates on a generic container. The order is just the following order of class containers in a generic container. I can sort them on a given field name.
I expect that our designer wants to present a table with for instance, name, dates and say urgency.
He will want to sort the table on clicking on a table header.
To me this should be a common problem so I expect that a pattern is available to solve it.
However I have not seen one that does that.
Does anybody know of a pattern to use or is it a matter of building a class that simply does the sorting?
I am talking jsp and the MVC model 2 pattern here.
There is indeed a certain logic to it, although not obvious
22 years ago
Thanks, I learned something new.
22 years ago
Any object you pass as an argument to a function is by reference.
So int i hello(String aa) would mean that if hello made changes in string aa the calling program could see the changes made.
That doesnot work for int, but it would for Integer and anything else that requires a new.
22 years ago
sorry, my mistake, JAVA_HOME is the environment variable that your compiler needs, but since it doesnot even start...
I suppose you can see in your W2K settings system/ advanced and environment your path?
If it is not defined there the command line won't have it.
You can also check on the commandline : path or set
22 years ago
Yes there is, JAVA_HOME c:\jdk1.3 and classpath.
22 years ago
I have a query which returns date fields.
I also have a function that returns the number of days between two given Calendars. My problem is how to get the value of a date into a Calendar.
java.util.Date bdat = rs.getDate("bdat_ao");
bdat_ao = Calendar.getInstance();
bdat_ao.set(Calendar.YEAR, bdat.getYear());
I get the warning that bdat.getYear() is deprecated, which I knew but there doesnot seem to be any other way.
Does anybody knows a way around this?
22 years ago
thanks, but I am not using struts.
I eventually solved the problem by doing a compleet new install and started from a clean repository.
I had to add to the actionservlet an url path *.do so that it was not dealt with by the simpleFileservlet.
22 years ago
redundant means more than is needed.
22 years ago
The exception I get is thrown in openServerSocket of com.ibm.ivj.jsp.debugger.JspEMAgentBase.
Error in debug failed to write (toString() failed) later it becomes null pointer.
On the console is written :
Error: Cannot get the local host address.
Exception: Connection refused: no further information
Please, this is the chance to show yourself a super guru ;-)
22 years ago
Actually it has everything to do with
It is missing something while compiling.
If I choose to use
(inserted . in < .code> for readebility)
all is well accept I need in the code
< .%@ taglib uri='utilities' prefix='util' %.>
In the tld is written:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
< !DOCTYPE taglib PUBLIC <br /> "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD JSP Tag Library 1.1//EN" <br /> "http://java.sun.com/j2ee/dtds/web-jsptaglibrary_1_1.dtd">
<.shortname>Sun Microsystems Press Examples</shortname.>
So it seems the jsp version 1.1 is required.
And that doesnot compile.

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22 years ago