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Thank you very much for your replies.
Dear ranchers,
I recently gave the JSCP exam, and thinking about getting certified in JSCD. But I am not sure if it's a right time, because I have no previous working experience in IT field at all - I am self taught. As I see, the knowledge I acquired getting ready for JSCP is not enough to start the real project. Could someone, please, give me an idea where should I go now, after learning Java essentials. Do I need any database knowledge, SQL, JDBC, JSP, XML et c., to be ready to download the assignment? Is there any time limits to submit it?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Read my topic.
Hi ranchers,
I passed the test last Saturday.
I arrived to test location 15 min in advance (as was adviced). But I had to wait over 1 hour, because there was no available cubicle for me, then my ID didn't work. They had to call Sun to get the correct one. So I came to the test a little frustrated And as a result I scored way too low than I expected. As a matter of fact, I failed topics that I usually passed with the flying colors
What I ment to say, don't rely on your best performance. You ought to be able to score in 80s on Green's mock to be sure to pass no matter what.
S. Roberts/P. Heller book is very good to start with. I am not a programmer but homemade amateur, and this book was my first one after Java in 24 hours (which actually took me 5 weeks ). Then I followed Khalid's book which opened my eyes wider . And finally, B. Brogden's Exam Cram just 2 days before the test. I find JTips mocks very useful, although harder than real exam. I would like to thank all the autors above for their great job . Thank you! And the very best of luck to all you who is getting ready for the test.
18 years ago
I purchased a voucher from Sun few days ago, at the price $150. Nobody from Sun never mentioned about any kind of discount. Could you pls provide the link where you saw an info about this matter.
Thank you.
Thank you all, for your prompt replies. Jose, your code killed my final doubts about this subject. Once in a while, I find this type of questions in mock exams and always choose "0 obj eligible for GC" and get failure on this question. I also hope, there will be no questions like this on the real test or at least they will accept the right choice.
Thanks again!
I agree with all the folks above. There is nothing strange about this mock exam. It's not just that easy. I strongly recommend you to buy this book. You won't regret.
Dear ranchers,
Please confirm that String literals are not the subject for GC:
String s = null; //not eligible for GC
String s = new String(null); //eligible for GC
Thank you very much, Liz!
Hi ranchers,
Lately I practiced some mock exams like: Green's, Boone's, Majji's et. c. and I scored pretty well. I guess I should be able to get between 70-80% on the real test. Does anybody know if score appears somwhere on Certificate or any other paper or mark doesn't matter as long as I passed?
Hello everybody,
Can someone please to e-mail me Anilbachi archives AS AN ATTACHMENT to your message(not link). I have tried to download them from Anil's site but in vain... I followed all the instructions and got in touch with Anil, still no success. I just receive a douzen commercial e-mails avery day and never enjoy the archive itself. Please, help.
Thank you,
Hi everybody,
I just dug up some doubts from the subject that I already learned many times
Consider the code:

After left side operande has been evaluated, true is stored into b. There's no need to evaluate right side.

Left side operande has been evaluated, then right side has been evaluated, and true is stored into b.
I decompiled these codes with "javap -c Example" and in BOTH cases following instructions has been returned:

Method void main(java.lang.String[])
0 iconst_1
1 istore_1
2 return
(look up JVM specs if these instructions does not look familiar).
Does it mean that in both cases JVM evaluated only one operande? Or if first operande does not satisfy the | |, second operande will be evaluated? Why then decompiler printed the same set of instructions?
If you decompile the code:

decompiler will return:
Method void main(java.lang.String[])
0 iconst_0
1 iconst_1
2 ior
3 istore_1
4 return
Now we can see that two operands are OR'ed, hence evaluated.
Please, somebody dig back in my doubts!
Thanks Jane. It was helpful.
Hi ranchers,
Last few days I was trying to download ANILBACHI SITE SCJP ARCHIVE GIVEAWAYS and it never worked. I reported broken link to Anil, but he replied that link works perfectly. I filled out all the forms required and received couple of e-mail messages, then I confirmed something(as was asked). And I still can't download it from his site. Could someone, please, e-mail me those archives to igasha@yahoo.com.
Thank you in advance,
Nope, Kaushik.
No String object created. These are all String literals. They reside in the String pool. And be careful, they are not available for GC, because they are not objects. To create String object we use
String name = new String("Kaushik");