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Howdy folks,

I found the solution. It turns out that when using JAXB 2.0 in your project that you not only need to include the JAXB jar files (jaxb-api, jaxb-impl, and jaxb-xjc) to your classpath, but you also need jsr-173_1.0_api.jar from the XMLBeans package.


I've created a package of classes from an existing schema and I've built a Struts 2 action to test the unmarshalling, which is throwing a java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException. Here is the unmarshal code:

The package contains the following classes (generated using XJC):

I've been searching for a solution and trying different "hacks" for hours now and I fear that I'll end up over at Experts Exchange - Noooooo!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Howdy, we are designing a new Spring based rewrite of an existing system and we wanted to use Hibernate to abstract out the persistence layer. One of the architects has stated that we cannot use Hibernate because it cannot handle tables that have been defined without primary keys and that iBatis is the best solution. Can anyone here validate that position?