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I have tried to obfuscate my war file however the resulting output file includes a jar file with the name of my project but there are no java classes inside the jar file after its unpackaged.

All my library jars are packaged within the output file that proguard created but no java class files are within the file.

Any ideas as to what i am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

13 years ago

Deepak Pant wrote:Please check the value of AUTO_INCREMENT defined in the MySQL table definition. I think the value of AUTO_INCREMENT is 50 in your case. This will cause the auto increment by 50 every time you request primary key generation.

Thanks for your reply Deepak. I had to create a sequence table manually using the following code:

In the table that i am inserting rows, i already had the primary key with the AUTO_INCREMENT definition.

How can i change the count to increment by 1 rather than add another 50 to the count?
Hi All,

Im using MySQL with Eclipselink for an application im writing. I have a question about the SEQUENCE tabe. Why does it increment the SEQ_GEN value by 50 every time i insert a row into the DB?

For example, i insert a row into the table from my application and its assigned an id of 1. Then the nextime i insert a new row it gets the value of 51.

Is there any way to control this so that its not jumping by 50 everytime?


agree with the above. HFJS was the book i used in addition to whizlabs mocks

practice is the key
if you want to clear the exam: get a good book, write code to reinforce concepts from the book and do lots of mock exams

Have a look at the SCJP FAQ for more info:
I am looking for experienced Web Designers & Developers for several up-coming projects. Successful applicants will be hired on a contractual per project basis.

Skills Required:


Applicant Profile:

An experienced professional with a history of successful projects
Excellent design
Effectively meets project milestones by achieving agreed time-scales
Communicates effectively with Build Manager and provides daily updates on work
Raises issues with work/project deadlines immediately to Build Manager

If you wish to apply please *PM* me with:

Your Resume/CV
Portfolio of work
Examples of Web Design work
Examples of Web Development work
Contractor Rates
Availability to start work

14 years ago
i guess only you will know if you are ready. i was just passing whizlab mocks and passed the exam first time round

have you tried any other mock exams?
congrats, well done
14 years ago
agree with Heba, whizlabs is good.

also try devaka's exam simulator for tough questions
yes you do get explanations.

why dont you download the demo and check it out before purchasing?