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Recent posts by Santanu Guha

I need to modify a single information in XML file . XML file is about 100 lines . For modifying a single element in whole XML file what would be the most memory efficient way in JAVA ?

JAXB is better ?
Simple SAX parser ?

I have to change that single node information in an XML file . But the count of those XML file can be huge around 5000 to 10000 in for loop

or any other way .....Kindly suggest .....
6 years ago
@Dave Tolls & Ganish Patil : can you give code snippet so that I can understand better ......

because the first array can grow to any number of elements .
second array elements also grow to any number up to count 30 .

But first array count will be huge but second array count limit is 30 max .

6 years ago
First loop will have always more elements than second loop
But both loop any number of elements. I need code .
6 years ago
I have two arrays .

int array1 [] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7};

int array2 [] = {1,2,3};

array1 should be parent loop . I have to arrange like below :

Expected result :

How can I proceed please suggest .
6 years ago
Is there any available example for that .....???
7 years ago
How Can i Access Tally 9.0 Database from Java Application?

Using ODBC is that possible ...Please suggest ASAP......

Please give code if possible .
7 years ago
How Can i Access Tally 9.0 from Java Application . I want to access tally using ODBC connectivity .

If possible give me code . It's Urgent !
7 years ago

Santanu Guha wrote:Hi ,

DTO must implements serializable?

No It's not mandatory to implement Serializable . If you are working in clustered environment / distributed architecture and your DTO is tranfered into another environment the it's mandatory to implement.
8 years ago
How to forward parameter and values from one Action class to another while Action chaining in Struts 1.3 /1.2

I want to send some form value from FirstAction to Second Action . Please suggest

8 years ago
Hi ,

DTO must implements serializable?
8 years ago
Hi all ,

I have passed SCJP exam on last Sunday . Thank to all my rancher friends for helping me ......

9 years ago

Ankush Kaundal wrote:See the range is the range of the subset which you have set, since 629 is outside the range of subset (608 to 611, where 608 is inclusive and 611 is exclusive) thats why you are getting the exception.

Thank you Ankush Kaundal very much
9 years ago

Santanu Guha wrote:

Matthew Brown wrote:Have you read the documentation for java.util.TreeSet#subSet(E, E)? It explains exactly why you get that exception.

In java doc the below is written :-

The returned set will throw an IllegalArgumentException on an attempt to insert an element outside its range.

Equivalent to subSet(fromElement, true, toElement, false).

*** This is not clear --> "outside its range"
what should be the range ?

clear.resolved .....


9 years ago