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Recent posts by Prasad Sonawane

Hi all,

I want to know the syllabus changes between two exams.
Also i would appreciate to know which one should be preferred as i am working with both Java 1.5 , 1.6.

Thanks ,
Preparing SCJP..
Hi all..

I am stuck with a problem. I have a web application in Struts 1.1 running on JBoss 4.0.2.

I have a JSP say sample.jsp containing a link (anchor tag). When i click this link i open a pop-up window say popup.jsp paasing some parameters through method (in javascript). On popup.jsp i display some values in String format. When i select (clicking a button) one value it gets replaced on parent page sample.jsp.
Everything is working fine until i have a String value containing double quotes ("") . When i have value with "" at sample.jsp and popup.jsp, it wont allow me to select anything. Even some links that i display at popup.jsp wont work and i am left with the only solution to close the pop-up.

I have achieved replacing mechanism using innerHTML property. I found over net that innerHTML is not a public standard. If it is the case , what else can i use ? How should i handle this issue ?
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated..

Hi all..
I have a web application developed using Struts and EJB. The underlying server is Jboss 4.0.2.
Earlier i was building and running my application on 32 bit JVM and 32 bit O.S (windows). But due to performance issues (heap space problems) we decided to shift to 64 bit platform as our application involves multithreading. So now we are using 64 bit JVM with 64 bit underlying O.S (windows server enterprise 2008). This time we observed great performance improvement with this.

Now my question is i am building my application on a different developer m/c which is 32 bit O.S + 32 bit JVM and i port those jar/war to the 64 bit scene above. In order to best utilize 64-bit capabilities further , am i need to build the application and run it on the same 64 bit m/c with 64 bit JVM ?
I am really confused with this.

Thanks in advance..
14 years ago
Hi all.
I am stuck with an issue. I have an application developed using struts 1.1.
All of my JSP's are struts specific only (Standard JSP using struts 1.1 generated through MyEclipse). I want to make them w3 compliant and to make them accessible through browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome etc. I have also checked my pages at

After checking, it is not able to identify the tags like <html:html> (it shows me lot of errors). Though my application runs fine using IE (6 and above), pages are not viewed properly (also problem while accessing javascript) in other browser like Mozilla Firefox(3.0.5), Chrome 1.0.

Is there any sort of DTD problem or any other issue ?? Please suggest if you have some solution.
I am sorry if i am posting at a wrong forum..

14 years ago
Hi folks..
I am trying to make an utility through java such that it will be installed in browser. Say i want to develop an application such that a button will be installed on the IE menu bar (like the Google/Yahoo toolbar).
My requirement is, when user clicks the button some other java application should get called (say WEB application) at background which does some processing and gives back response.
I am confused how to implement this as i have never tried this before.
The background application is ready with me but i dont knw how to develop the wizard.
Can some one help in this regard ??
I am sorry if i am posting at a wrong forum.

Thank you all..
15 years ago
Hi all..
I have a JSP where i have used an iframe to display the URL's dynamically. (URL's are being passed at run time) I want to retrieve the link's URL (i.e. href attribute value ) when user clicks on the link displayed inside iframe.
Say for e.g. is the URL displayed inside the iframe and now if i click on any of the link of page, i want to retrieve the href before the navigation happens.
Is it possible to retrieve the href ? If so how to forward this href to my action class where i do further work.

Any solutions in this regard ?

Thanks in advance..
hi all...
I am stuck with a problem. In my application i am trying to connect to
the web sites using URL and URLConnection classes of package.
I want to connect to the website through the URL provided and then i am trying to read the contents of the web page. The code is like this :
URL url = new URL("");
URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();

System.out.println("URL connected..");
catch(UnknownHostException unknown){
System.out.println("Exception while connecting :");

int character;
int contentLength = conn.getContentLength();
System.out.println("contentLength = "+contentLength);

if(contentLength > 0){
InputStream in = conn.getInputStream();
while((character = != -1){

Here above when i use conn.connect() it gives me
(I have also tried using the class HttpURLConnection instead of URLConnection. But still it gives this exception..)
I am worried why this is happening even if i provide a proper URL.
Can some one have solution for this ?

Thanks in advance..
Hi all...
I am developing a small appication where i want to display website page
in an iframe. My JSP contains a text field (where i type URL), a button(on clickking button the URL of the text field is to be passed to iframe as source) and an iframe (to display the page at specified URL).
I have couple of doubts..
1. How should i use the same iframe to display further pages if i click on any link of the current displayed page ? (i tried this, but every time the next page wont get open inside the iframe and it appears as a normal web page.) Are there some different ways ?
2. Can i read the page data that is displayed in iframe if i click some other button on my JSP say "Extract" ?
I am using struts 1.1 for my application.

Can some one have the solution ??
Thanks in advance...
Hi all...
I am developing an application where i need to display a web page in a text area, the same
way it gets displayed in a web browser (like IE, mozilla). After that i will read the page and will extract text from it for further processing.
My JSP contains a text field where i can type the URL address (say
What i want is, when i will click a submit button, the web page at the given URL should be retrieved and should get displayed in the textarea that is present on the same page. (It should be displayed in the same way as it gets displayed on the browser.)
Is that possible ? Can it be done using some other ways ?
It is a small application that i am trying to develop using struts 1.1.

Can some one help in this regard ?

Thanks in advance..