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Recent posts by Aniruddh Joshi

you can use edtftp to copy files from a unix machine.
If setting to null works for you, it is a clean enough solution.
10 years ago

This position is with an international Financial firm.
Please reply or send me a message if interested.

10 years ago

I am using hibernate annotations v 3.4 and I run atest on below code-

The exception Iget is -

I understand AnnotationsConfiguration usses sl4j for logging -

Can i configure it to use log4j ?
Is it mandatory to add sl4j ?
I want to create a local copy of some tables on my machine in HSQL DB.
Tried Exporting scripts using toad and running them on HSQL prompt but it does not recognize many keywords.
Am I trying something that's not feasible?
What is the easiest way to create a copy of the tables in HSQL DB?

Your graduation does not have anything to do with SCJP.
If you know Java, you know it :-)
10 years ago
10 years ago
Not sure what you mean by it. based on what i understand, you can do below-
a) host it on a web server and give yor clients the url to access it from a browser.
b) Write clients ( desktop/mobile ) which tak to services exposed on your server( usually a web server ).
10 years ago
Both these methods are declared in the List interface. Check the javadoc
10 years ago
Are you trying to validate an email address?
Apache commons validator is pretty good for it.
10 years ago
Maybe like Chas said, something wrong with tryclj.
Will try it again when I get some time.
10 years ago
@Palak- try reversing the order of your last 2 commands.
10 years ago
Reproduced the problem, check below-

Clojure> (defn fuzz [x] ( * 1.23 ( / x 7 )) )
Clojure> fuzz 8
#<sandbox24027$fuzz sandbox24027$fuzz@3a790aaa>
Clojure> (fuzz 8)
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Attempting to call unbound fn: #'sandbox24027/fuzz

Which means if I call it incorrectly once, it goes for a toss?

What does

Clojure> fuzz 8

do ?
10 years ago