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The Best you can do is install jdk 6.0 and jre

How to set the path??

Answer>> you basically right click my computers
3>Environment Variable
4>then in the user variables click new
5>then give variable name as path and value as
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_11\bin;

6> After these settings you should be able to run all java programs in Eclipse as well as notepad.
13 years ago
The best and easiest solution for you would be just uninstall everything

Then install the JDK and JRE

after that install eclipse.

if you do this way. Eclipse Automatically will take the settings and it would be easy for you to work.

Q>How to automatically import files in eclipse?
Answer >> just press ctrl+shift+space in your computer. if all syntax of your code is correct all the required classes and packages will be imported.

hi can anyone please let me know what are the compatible version control software wuth bugzilla??

like for example is clearcase compatible with bugzilla
within one month you pass the exam.
13 years ago
sorry it was bugzilla and i myself got many articles related to it.
hi am refering to buggezier which is a bug tracking tool.
has anyone got any information on bugenizer??

any links will help