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Recent posts by grisha37

> func(int) in MyIntf; attempting to assign weaker access
This error message is a clue - interface methods are by
default public, yet default access for methods without
modifier in access is package. It's a bit misleading,
since you are not required to write 'public' for interface
methods, but this is the source of the error. Does
it make sense?
It is interesting that I came up with this answer withotu
trying it; in J++, the result is as I described with one
difference - the interface must also be public, or else
it won't work. Which makes sense, of course...
22 years ago
How do you read things? What is the query? Perhaps
you need to use the number of the field (like getString(3)
instead of the name. It depends...
22 years ago
You want to have the names of threads according to
your integer? That's easy, just pass the appropriate String
to the constructor. Or do you want thread OBJECTS to be
22 years ago
I wonder how would it be, since you can skip some questions,
and jump forward and back...
22 years ago
I got 2 hours allotted, was done in half-hour, forced myself
to use another 10 minutes on double-checking everything...
If you think you'd be pressed for time - take mock tests
and time yourself.
22 years ago